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How Filipina Relationships are Influenced by Culture

Updated on June 4, 2012

Have you ever dated a Filipina woman? Are you interested in dating a Filipina woman? Are your friends hooking up with Filipina woman and you are curious to know why? Jealous? Whatever your reasons for wanting to know about Filipina relationships they are truly a magical relationship to have.

Filipinos is not looking for someone to bring them up from their status woes. They are not searching for someone, to come save them. In fact, it is quite the opposite they love who they are and their families. It has just been part of the culture there that foreign men are more attractive than others and so they prefer it. Many of the women that you find searching for true love is, well educated with bachelors or higher degrees from leading universities. Many are on a chosen career path and know that it is time to settle down.

Many Filipina women already know what it is like to date a Filipino man and are not happy with the outcome, so they look outward for a foreign man to love. Sometimes, these women just love the look and feel of a foreign man, but whatever their reason it still has to be love.

So, the question remains what do Filipina woman want in a relationship? What are their standards as far as relationships go? Love has been defined in many ways over the last 5000 years of mans existent, and it is now just a universal term to describe a feeling. The Filipino woman needs to be loved with all the soul of her future mate. She will settle for nothing less than his entire being. Relationships are sacred because they involve becoming apart of the family. So, Filipino woman will make sure they have the right person before they say yes.

Now when the courtship is started it may take awhile for a Filipino woman to say yes for a steady relationship. At this point, you are her boyfriend, and you still must go through the approval process of family and friends. The family bonds of trust are strong and meeting their family is a terrific honor. If, they have any concerns or disagreements with her having a relationship with you then you will know it at this time.

Once you have established the steady relationship in the Philippines then only time will tell what other intimate relationship details will come. Including marriage, but always remember you need her fathers permissions before you can ask her.

Obviously there is a lot more to relationships than what is written here. But, hopefully it has given you a basic understanding of the Filipino culture. So, if you are serious about talking and getting involved with a Filipina wife or girlfriend then you need to exert the effort. Convince her, that your intentions are true, and pure and you will come away with an award winning soul mate for life.


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