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Top 10 Reasons for Dating a Filipina Woman

Updated on June 4, 2012

Why are western men so interested in dating a Filipina woman? Why are so many choosing to marry a Filipina woman? There are a number of different reasons that many men prefer a foreign girlfriend or bride. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why Filipino woman are so desired.

1. Filipino woman is renowned for their beauty.

When it comes to Asian beauty, they will truly ignite your passions when it come to their sweet charm and femininity. Many Filipino women have gone on to become successful models and the Filipino nation has been proud to have them become miss America, and even miss universe.

2. Respectful:

When a Filipina woman s born they are raised with a sense of purpose. Most Filipina woman are raised to be proper. They will not bring shame to their family by lying, cheating, stealing or sleeping around. They are pride full in their accomplishments and will always finish what they start. They are respectful from the beginning and will always show you and the ones they love respect and admiration they deserve.

3. Patient and understanding

Filipino woman are extremely compassionate and understanding individuals. You will never see them in loud arguments. They will speak with a harsher voice if mad but will never disrespect themselves or family out in public. Arguing is not part of their culture they are raised to try and see both sides of the problem. Then understanding where the other is coming from they try to find an understanding solution together.

4. Generous and Supportive

The generous and supportiveness of Filipina woman is woven into the Filipino society. The woman and men alike take a considerable deal of pride in their families and would never abandon them. They are caring a supportive as a second nature to the ailing older generation as well as the younger generation.

5. One on One Relationship

The Philippines has a law regarding divorce that pretty much there is none. This is not because people never split because of differences. It is because even if there was a law the divorce rate would be exceedingly small. The fabric of their society in the Philippines is the family, and this also includes the husbands. So when a Filipina says yes to marriage it is a commitment for life, and they will not cheat in the marriage because they remain faithful to the one they have promised their heart to.

6. Family First/Money Second

The family will always come first in the Filipina society because that is the way it has been for hundreds of years. The fabric of the family is more valuable than money, food, or anything else. Wealth is in the eyes of be holder not the one holding the money.

7. Domestic

Part of the culture of the Filipina woman is being a dutiful wife. This does involve in keeping a house truly their home. The home is a fundamental sense of pride for many Filipina women. They do their best to create a wonderfully inviting atmosphere in the home to raise a family.

8. Education

There is a high cultural appeal for many Filipina women on the value of education. Many of them have at least a university degree of 2 years. You would be hard pressed to find one with a lower standard of education. This has opened up many doors for career minded Filipina woman that was never available before.

9. Religion

The major religion in the Philippines is Roman Catholic. This is also means that most of the Filiapino woman you meet with be catholic to. So, be prepared to have a Filipina intensely devoted to her religious morals and standards.

10. Filipina-American Marriage more Successful

Believe it or not the majority of western men that marry Filipina woman are more likely to experience a true bonding. The western men who decide to marry a Filipina woman, are more successful in their marriages than if they were to marry an American woman. A lot of it has to do with the culture of a western woman compared to Filipina woman. I wonder where our 50% divorce rate among Americans comes from compared to the divorce rate of 10% for Filipina- American marriages.

Hopefully this gives you some fantastic insight on what to expect in a relationship with a Filipina. They are delightful people that will love you for eternity if you decide to start a relationship with one. Good luck you may just find that soul mate you have been looking for.


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  • shamelabboush profile image


    6 years ago

    they are very cute girls. I like them.


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