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How It Feels To Be Alone

Updated on June 23, 2017

Feeling alone is most likely one of the worst feelings in the world, that empty feeling in your chest you have almost every hour of the day. For some people it can be less and not last as long but still that feeling is not pleasant whatsoever.

Being Surrounded But Alone: The world is full of people and if you don't know that I suggest you get out of the house more, but anyways sometimes even when surrounded by others it can still be lonely. At times it can feel like no one cares about you or likes you, that feeling that it doesn't matter what you do no one will notice. Myself personally has felt that way, dozens of people near me and having their arms held open, maybe it is just because someone feels lonely that they see others as not caring even if it is not true?

No Friends: I guarantee many have felt the need of friendship but have never been able to get it, that wanting of companionship but never seizing it. When I was younger myself I never had any actual friends, just some people to talk to on the playground. There is a fine line between friend and simple playmate, the playmate is primarily there to hang with and spend whatever time you are trying to pass with, the friend is someone who will not only hang with you but also help when the friend is upset or anything else. I have met many people who have claimed to be friends but were never there in times of need or help.

Void In Your Chest: When you feel alone a feeling of emptiness can begin to accumulate, it can grow till you feel like just laying down and never moving. Whenever I feel like this I try to go out and do things with friends then I remember I have no friends and feel alone again. For me it usually passes but when you don't have anyone it really makes it feel worse.

Some Remedies: While it is simply a feeling it can be changed, sometimes when friends are not an option you just kind of have to wait it out, well that is what I do anyways. Taking a hot bath could help maybe a shower, drinking something warm while watching a movie, talk to someone of the family perhaps. It is hard at times ti get over the feeling, listening to some sad like music can help, it is what I do even when it makes it worse it does help me get over it much faster. Sleeping, playing with a pet, lots of things online can help maybe even video chat with a friend or someone far away.


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    • SkylarWong profile image

      Skylar Wong 6 months ago from London, ON

      Interesting article.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 7 months ago from Australia

      I can be surrounded by many yet still feel alone.

      Where you can do for another.

      I know you are a guy but maybe you could take a look and write, to mend another's heart or soul in a very simple way.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 7 months ago

      Feeling alone simply means at this particular time a person feels like they can't "truly relate' to anyone.

      As you noted the planet is filled with people, 7 Billion plus to be exact therefore feeling alone is different from being alone.

      Oftentimes it's about having a "pity party" for whatever reason. We convince ourselves that (we) are the only one who has ever hand to go through what we're going through and everyone else is happy living a "problem free" life.

      The man crying because he has no shoes doesn't want to hear about those with no feet. That would take the focus off of (him).

      When we're feeling this way we choose to "shrink our world", avoid going to parties, answering the phone, doing anything that might distract us. Essentially we're embracing shutting down. The last thing we want is to be around "happy people".

      Hopefully this is a temporary mindset.

      However if one gets to the point where they truly believe they are the "only one" or that there is nothing to "look forward to" they might allow themselves to become so depress they become suicidal. It's important not to lose perspective.

      "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."