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How The Sex Of A Child Is Determined

Updated on October 25, 2014

Gender And Your Baby

This weekend was quite interesting for my mom and I. Somehow we found ourselves discussing how the gender of a baby is determined. It was not soon into our discussion that it turned into a debate each giving example to support one's argument. My mom believed the old wise tale of the female having one fallopian tube for a boy, and one fallopian tube for a girl. I on the other hand stated it is the man who determines the sex of the child. After a few moments of debating over whose right, and whose wrong, I stated to her; "I will research the topic, and write a hub" explaining how the gender of a child is determined. So here I am writing a hub on gender determination.

Children are considered a blessing and gift to the parents who are lucky enough to have them. However, in the current economic turn over, then need for small families is becoming apparent. In fact it is considered that in the next year, the demand for children will have lowered to one in each family. Many families find that they cannot sustain the needs of many children and provide the same children with the best in terms of physical, educational and emotional needs of each person. This has created a shift in hat many people desire. There are more and more couples and women who are determined to have a specific sex pf the child. Whether a son or daughter, it has be come important for us to understand the exact ways that we can manipulate nature and science to provide us with the best alternative when it comes to choosing the sex of the child even before conception.

There are many housewives tales on how one can determine the exact sex of their child even during the conception process. However, it is not known exactly if these process which may include a change in diet and sleeping position actually have any effect on the sex of the child. On the other hand, there are some scientific though not conclusive measures that often encourage the scales to tips to one side with regard to the sex of the child. The first and most aversely discussed measured is with regard to the nature of the sperms. There is a notion put forward by some scientists that the male sperm and the female sperm are differently construed. It therefore follows that the sex of the child will be determined by the same. The male sperm is much slower and lasts for a shorter period of time. In order to get a boy therefore, it is important for the conception to take place during the ovulation process, whereas for the girl two or three days before is best. To ensure that this method works, you need to study and understand your ovulation process much better. You may need to visit a specialist to get the information, or you can embark on the study guided by information from manuals.

In America, there is a procedure where the embryos of the desired sex are selected separately and implanted into the mother. However, there are some states that are in the process of banning such a procedure for human rights issues that have arisen from the same. In this case, the conception is done through invitro- fertilization, after which the mother and father of the child choose the sex of the child they desire. The doctors painstakingly separate the embryos of the other sex and discard the same, implanting the mother only with the desired sex. This procedure is 100% efficient, but is also quite costly and there are very few specialists who can handle the procedure with certainty. An average of almost $ 10,000 is required just for the consultation process, a sum which few couples can afford.

Sperm sorting is a procedure that is also employed in infertility clinics. It began as a way of rescuing children who are prone to get genetic defects if they are of a certain sex. However, today it is a commonly employed procedure when it comes to parents determining the sex of the chills. The sperms from the father is collects, and before the process of invitro-fertilization begins, the doctors sort through the sperm. Using specific medical procedures and also characteristics of the sperm, the doctors determine and separate the specific sexes. The mother is then infused with the sperm from the right sex of the child the parents would like. This procedure has been considered more human and is allowed in many countries. However, the procedure has a margin of error where there may be some sperms which escape and are infused into the mother.

In the current world there are many things that can affect the fertility of the mother, including the weight and diet. However, for those whose fertility is not in question, the next need is that of a balance d family with specific sex children. For them the sex determining procedure is important. They may need a lot of money and also patience when going through the process. Although the natural processes are considered to be the best, it is important to note that the same processes are not as highly rates as scientific and medical procedures. It is also important to note that there is little one can do once conception has taken place to determine the sex of the child. Such determination can only be manipulated before conception, sand this is why it is important for mothers to understand the exact steps to take in determining the sex of the child before conception. Whichever method you pick, whether it is sperm sorting or just simple changes in diet, the doctor taking care of you plays an important role and should be well informed. This is because any of these procedures makes the pregnancy more delicate and it is therefore important to know what signs they are looking out for.


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  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 6 years ago from Georgia

    I like the way you explained this. I had three girls, which was fine with me, but my ex-husband would have loved to have fathered a son. Voted up!

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 6 years ago from Atlanta

    You are correct viking some countries do not value the female child. My mom and I debated over this topic, so I thought I would write about it.

  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 6 years ago from Ireland

    A very interesting subject in this hub. Gender selection is neseccary in some cases for medical reasons. And then you have the countries that do not value the female child as highly as the male.

    It is easy to see the pros and cons of this issue which I am sure will be debated for years to come.