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How To Attract Women With Your Online Dating Profile: Part One

Updated on October 13, 2009

Okay guys, this one's for you. After having lurked about more personals sites than I care to admit, I've noticed a trend in many male profiles which indicates that a fair portion of the male gender seems to think that appearing to be largely illiterate is a surefire way to meet and impress women. It's not. Unless you're actually a Calvin Klein underwear model with a private jet and a French castle to your name, you need to put some effort into writing complete sentences (and possibly even whole paragraphs) in your profile. Fact of the matter is, it tends to be a lady's game out there, and competition amongst men for eligible bachelorettes is fairly intense. Having a blank profile, or one that says very little about you is a surefire way to leave yourself dead in the water.

But what to write? With all that blank space staring back at you, it can be daunting and downright annoying to try to think about what to put there. Here are a couple of tips to get you started down the right track.

DO: Write about your interests.

DON'T: Write generic sentences about liking sports, movies, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Writing like this makes you utterly indistinguishable from the other gazillion men out there. Sure you like hanging out with your friends, who doesn't? These things are moot points. Write about something special and personal to you, something that you don't share in common with the entire human population. Are you secretly addicted to Chaplain movies? Put that in there. Do you like to restore old bicycles? That's something that should be in your profile. It doesn't have to be impressive, it just has to be uniquely you. Online, like everywhere else, people can sense a great deal from the written word. Taking the time and effort to really think about and write your profile shows that you are serious in your intent, and that you are a genuine, interesting person a woman would like to meet.

DO: Write about the sort of woman you are looking for.

DONT: Use phrases like "no fatties" "must be height weight proportionate" "must be slim", or anything of that ilk. Firstly, this makes you look like a huge shallow jackass to all women, not just the larger ones. Also, there are plenty of quite attractive women out there who will balk at reading these words, wondering if they fall into the fat category. So by expressing yourself in this unsophisticated and charmless manner you chase away not the (supposedly) unattractive women, but the 'attractive' ones as well.

Instead of making harsh negative judgmental statements, try saying that you're looking for a woman who enjoys fitness, or perhaps likes going to the gym, or an "active" woman. Focusing on activities you would like to do with a partner, and making positive statements puts your best foot forward and encourages women to contact you rather than intimidating them and making them click on to the next profile.


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    • profile image

      Adam Smith 6 years ago

      Thanks for this advices .. its really help me to find the right woman.

    • profile image

      awais 8 years ago

      its normal i can also suggest that more than that but the thing is evere girl have differant mind as men have so every one shuld be treated in a differant way according to thir personality U judge it in ur personal life also tc bye