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Three Tips to Keep Your Relationship Intact During COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Updated on May 14, 2020
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Bayyinah is the author of Gimme Some Relationship Advice! She is the owner of Gimme that Recipe! an online lifestyle company.

Fighting couple
Fighting couple | Source

The coronavirus has hit everyone like a bolt of lightening. It came to us unexpected, as in a matter of days the nation - better yet, the globe was halted to a standstill. The quarantine stay-at-home orders and the changes in our society have been a pain for many as we navigate our new normal; physical distancing, running errands with face masks, most establishments where we work and play being closed.

At the first thought of staying home, many of us in relationships jumped for joy: "Yes we get to spend more time together!" But after time passed - days turned to weeks, weeks to months; many couples have expressed their frustrations of spending so much time in one space for so long. A full house with everyone home including children has started to become redundant. Americans like to stay busy, right? After all it's so many quarantine and Netflix one can do.

To keep your relationship intact during these trying times it is imperative to practice the following three relationship fundamentals.

Respect the Art of Communication

Good communication and understanding is the bedrock of any successful relationship. Let's face it, relationships are not easy. They live and die, not by the sword; but by the amount of talk and respectful communication. It requires work. During this COVID-19 era, couples must find a way to communicate regularly, openly and directly. Never wait for an argument to ensue in order to tell your partner or spouse how you feel. It is important to express your feelings as you go along when you feel the need to, and not sweeping your concerns under the rug. Another point, when communicating, never hit below the belt or make insults. This will only make things worse and may cause a huge overblown argument and later on, cause resentment and anger. No one can read minds no matter how long you been in the relationship or married. Communicate, hug kiss and keep on keeping on.

Loving Couple
Loving Couple | Source

Respect the Art of Space

With the stay-at-home orders, our space is being compromised like never before. We all have heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and sometimes this is true. missing one another can in fact bring you closer to each other. You will yearn for one another more. Practicing the art of space while under the same roof by working in separate rooms during the day; go for a walk at the park; wash the car; host a zoom chat with your friends and family; read a book; put on your earphones and zone out streaming your playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music; or simply take a night out to sleep in separate rooms. We are living in unprecedented times. Times like this requires creative ideas to keep the space so to help prevent relationship burnout.

Master the Art of Variety

"Variety is the spice of life"

Many studies have shown that relationship boredom and dullness almost always lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship. And dissatisfaction sometimes cause infidelities. To prevent relationship boredom, spice it up and do something fun. Try a new recipe and cook together; while you are home working in the other room, send a surprising random penis or boob pic. You can play a board game; pull out the picture book and look at old pictures of when the two of you first met; switch up your hair style; hair color or haircut. Switch up your cologne or perfume. As long as you and your partner are fine with it, the varieties are endless. New experiences is key and can help preserve and maintain the closeness and love in your relationship.

Happy couple
Happy couple | Source

This corona virus and the quarantine has come to us unexpected. As we are forced to stay in home and rearrange our personal and professional lives outside the norm, these simple three steps can help your marriage and relationship stay afloat and thrive. Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect.

During these rocky and turbulent times is what will test a strong marriage and relationship. Keep the foundation strong with these points and you should stand this stay-at-home-order and keep the love flowing.

© 2020 Bayyinah


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