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Marriage Counsellor- How You Can Prepare For A Happy Marriage Before It Starts

Updated on April 30, 2011

Save Your Marriage Before It Starts With Pre Counselling

Today's couples should be more savvy and sensible when it comes to marrying their soul mate. They make sure they both love children, have a job and want the same things out of life. Seeing a Marriage Counsellor can prepare you for life together by teaching you how to deal with each other in a respectable and effective manner.

But what do you know about each other's past financial responsibilities or how they feel about spending and saving money? What happens at marriage counselling session can help you determine how you can determine how to combine your life together and expose the important information you need to know before you get married.

Why You Need Marriage Advice

  • Do you want children?
  • How is your credit?
  • How to deal with financial responsibilities.
  • Delegating house cleaning.
  • Will you allow each personal time and space?
  • Who has to give up friends?
  • What happens if one gains weight?
  • Are there issues in the relationship now?

These things must be addressed before saying the nuptials. Some things don't seem very important until you are married. If you are serious about getting married during your engagement is the time to get the unknown answered, to assure a wonderful relationship for the long haul.

  • Finance
  • Romance
  • Careers
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Family planning

Purpose Of Seeing A Marriage Counsellor Before The Wedding

The other things that has to be addressed is how you will deal with each other after the children and when the honeymoon is over. Can you agree to plans to have standard date's and dinner's to keep a close bond?

When life get's in the way people tend to grow apart and think that is what marriage is all about. You shouldn't have to survive marriage when staying together you should be pleasantly growing and enjoying your marital experiences.

Counseling for engaged couples is imperative to find out if you as a couple are sure you agree on more personal issues concerning duties at home, future children education, religion and upbringing.

Counseling For Engaged Couples To Save Your Marriage Before It Starts

After seeking counseling as a couple you will find that as a couple you both are willing to fight for a strong, loving, and healthy marriage.

Engaged people that go to couples counseling improve their changes of having a happier marriage. Who wants a long unhappy marriage when you can learn how to have a happy marriage before it begins?

The partnership skills you will learn during counseling or through courses of any sort will allow you to see first hand how you deal as a unit before being married. After all a marriage is one journey you want to be on together.

If you are engaged and your partner will not go to pre-wedding counselling you will have a reasonable indication on how you two will deal with other issues. However if counseling is a stretch for both of you I urge you to read a relationship advice book,or buy relationship courses you can read together.

I hope pre-marriage counseling before you marry is in your future but for starters you can get see how easy building trust back into your relationship can be.Go to my profile page and read my other relationship articles. Thanks!


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