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Learn What Happens At Marriage Counselling That Can Fix Your Marriage

Updated on January 29, 2012

Seeking Marriage Advice From A Marriage Counsellor

Making the decision to see a Marriage Counsellor can be one of the best things a couple can do. But with the stigma of what happens at marriage counselling, there are many people that don't get the help they need.

There are relationship stresses and concerns that may be simple to solve or there may be health issues that you are unaware of. If you are considering marriage counselling, you already have a reason for wanting to go. Don't you want to know why you are unhappy?

Marriage advice is just that, advice. But it is from a certified marriage counsellor that is trained to help people realize the cause of problems and how to solve them in a respectable way. Placing the blame has no place in a counselling session. Feeling blamed is one of the reasons most men will not go to counselling.

A marriage counsellor expects to have a couple grow and learn how to enjoy a wonderful marriage built with friendship, respect and love. They can not do that by taking sides. What happens in a counselling session is about a couple, not defendant and perpetrator.

First Visit To Marriage Counsellor

The first session does not have to be so stressful if you have never been to counselling before. The only thing you marriage counsellor want to know is why you think you are there. You are not being dragged to your parent for being a bad boy or girl. This may be exactly why you dread going to seek marriage advice.

Follow up Visit To Marriage Counsellor

On your following visits you may be doing communication exercises to see how you and your spouse listen and respond to each other. You will learn how to react to each other when you are unhappy or disappointed without causing the other to feel unloved or disrespected.

Trying to out smart a certified marriage counsellor will prove futile. You will only be cheating yourself and wasting your time. Relax and be sincere about having a happy marriage.

Following Up Alone

Seeing your marriage counsellor for a one on one visit is advisable to feel free to ask questions you need answers about dealing with your spouse. This is the perfect time to come out of the dark about some choices you may have made that you felt confused about.

You will have a sounding board that can give you real answers that can really help, unlike the endless advice you get from associates that just like to give out advice.

If you want to save your marriage or have a happy relationship, what happens at marriage counselling will determine how serious you are about you journey to a better life.

Learn how to work out your issues as a couple with relationship trust advice if you still have not made the choice to go to Marriage Counselling..


Seeking out marriage advice is one of the most loving things you can do in a relationship. Actually going to the counselling session and allowing a stranger know some very personal things about you and your spouse may sound ridiculous at first but how crazy is not getting help because of a feeling?

There are many struggles a couple can look forward to the longer they stay together. Why would you not get the help that can spare you possible divorce or unhappiness in your future? Moving together, romance, meals,having children, school, work and household chores.

There are bond to be stresses. Learning how to deal with them is you best armor to protect the future of your relationship. What happens at a marriage counselling can save your marriage. Also enjoy this hub

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