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Relationship Advice: How To Rekindle Intimacy In A Marriage - 6 Action Steps to Saving Your Relationship

Updated on April 2, 2015

Saving Your Relationship

How To Save Your Marriage. How are you supposed to save your marriage if you won't take responsibility for your own action? You already know you are in trouble but how did it get so far? Why are is the problem only taken seriously when you spouse doesn't want to spend time with you anymore?

Ignoring important signs and taking your spouse for granted by not involving yourself with their everyday life could be what slowly happened overtime. This happens unintentionally but without weekly checkups we can find our selves in a world of trouble.

Whatever caused you both to start moving apart doesn't matter at this point. What does matter is that you both let it happen. If your see yourself or mate getting distance you have to discuss the potential problem.

When Distance Becomes A Relationship Problem

Distance-The real problem begins when your spouse is no longer in need of your company. If your spouse becomes secretive and prefers the company of a new friend of the opposite sex, then ask your spouse to tell you more about this friend and also let your spouse know that you would like to meet him.

How To Fix Your Relationship?

Sit your partner down with an emergency meeting as if it is already you are sure your marriage is in trouble. Make plans right away to spend a romantic evening to catch up with everything in their life. Stress the importance of working more to rebuild a closer relationship.

  • Be sincere because any small problem in a marriage can turn into a large one if left unattended.
  • Don't ignore important news, concerns or thoughts from your spouse. This may seem small but it will crack the very foundation in your relationship with time.
  • Take proactive steps to make your relationship first. Working on the problem makes you a keeper in the long run.

If your spouse has already begun to stay out longer at work or with the guys/gals. Find out why and ask to share in more activities they like on the outside. Take turns doing what the other enjoys most. Remember you are fighting to reconnect, you already see what happened when you both had no plan. This is a group effort. You both must sit down and plan a strategy to win back the passion in your relationship.

Most importantly ask what it is your mate is missing that they feel they need to get if from another person. I know this may make you feel insecure but when we began to lack passion in our relationship insecurities do surface.

6 Quick Action Steps To Rekindle Intimacy In A Marriage

  1. Identify problem - Discussing your problems together or with a professional is a must and is good to identify the problem.
  2. Provide solution - Filling in the missing gaps and practicing new habits as discussed as a couple.
  3. Discuss Benefits - The benefits are trust, friendship,longevity and more passion.
  4. Make compelling offer-Have fun making changes and set-up fun things to do each night weekly and monthly.
  5. Revisit problem- Remember how you feel now and how you felt when you first met. This will help you know what you are striving for but in a more mature way.
  6. Take action!

Real Talk: Relationship Advice

A relationship is a business and should be made as important if not more important. You must have a plan to stay connected for the duration of your relationship. The plan will always change as you do but will always be in force to prevent failure.Think about the type of time you're putting into your relationship. It's more paying bills and putting food on the table.

  • Have personal time with no distractions.
  • Don't go to bed without a kiss and hug or angry
  • Commit to always working on your relationship

Don't you want your wife or husband to melt on you like butter melts on hot pancakes every now and then? Well, that takes work. Sure the honeymoon is over but the passion can be rekindled with work.

How do you save your marriage if you see marital problems and don't take responsibility for any of your own actions. This happens to most of us good people, but being a good person with good intentions doesn't keep our partners in love or lust for us does it?

4 Incredible Decisions To Save Your Marriage

  1. Decide to treat your partner or spouse like your most important source of life. Treat them as if life has no meaning without them. This will let your spouse know they have value to you.
  2. Decide to allow your partner or spouse to talk to you with concerns while you hang on to their every word. Treat their concerns as important as if they were your own. This will allow your spouse to emotionally trust you again.
  3. Decide to set up date nights for you and your love that you will never cancel, except in an extreme emergency such as a fire! This will allow your spouse to have confidence in the relationship and not crave attention from another.
  4. Seek marriage counselling and learn how to resolve concerns and remain in love.

Saving your marriage is a big job and should not be treated as if it is easy, it is not. There must be a plan and goal in place. When you know what to do and have decided that saving your marriage is like saving a life, you will then understand how people are together for over 50 years happily.

Seek out some marriage advice from a marriage counselor and learn how to live and resolve marital issues. I know that you are wondering what happens in marriage counselling and may have heard stories. However reconnecting with your spouse and enjoying a happy relationship is worth doing what is necessary just like a mother would do for her child.

It is a decision. A decision to put your family first. A decision to have love and partnership in your relationship. A decision not to be hopping all through life searching for what you think is perfection in a spouse. There is only perfection in your commitment in loving your spouse.



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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thank you for that food for thought!

    • profile image

      MistyWife 6 years ago

      Informative hub. Doing what you have to do to save your marriage is how people teach their children to respect and cherish their marriage later on in life.