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Russian Love Phrases - Learn To Speak The Russian Language

Updated on October 7, 2014

Russian is one of the top 15 languages spoken in the United States

Russians migrating into the United States found it necessary like most immigrants to learn English and 75% of them speak the English language very well and absolutely believe in higher education(51% attain a bachelor degree).The most Russian speakers in the U.S.A are Russian Jews

Russian people specifically woman have a mystic and characteristics about them that make men gravitate to them from all ethnic backgrounds; so speaking Russian has become an important language to grasp to be able to communicate to the target of their desire.

Communicating is a primary concern when contemplating dating a Russian speaking women when you know very little or no Russian.

If you are in the US seeking a Russian speaking woman from Russia you better begin your lessons right away. Relationships do happen without both understanding each other but they are very difficult and may not last for obvious reasons.

If you are to begin corresponding with a Russian speaking person you should learn the basic Russian language yourself.There are classes online that can help you get started with the very basics to Russians phrases to your particular needs.

Ask your Russian woman or friend to learn some basic English for themselves as you learn some basic Russian phrases. As you begin learning how to speak on the phone together you will also begin to grow a closer bond while you both learn how to communicate.

Learning how to communicate by learning each others language is a powerful tool to start the bonding process. How many people can say someone learned a language to help them get to know you?

5 Russian Love Phrases

1.) Я люблю тебя
I love you
Pronunciation: ya lyu-blyu tye-bya
you can say this to a man or a woman

2.) Ты нужен мне
I need you
Pronunciation: ty nu-zhen m-nye
you can say this to a man

3.) Я тебя обожаюI

I adore you

Pronunciation: ya ti-bya a-ba-zha-yoo)

4.) Ты такая красивая

You are so beautiful

Pronunciation:Ti takAya krasIvaya

5.) Я полюбил тебя с первого взгляда

I fell in love with you from the first sight

Pronunciation: Ya palyubIl tebyA s pErvava vzglyAda

FYI: Russia has over 100 different ethnic groups. Slavic is about 75% of what is spoken.

Even if this is not your connection you will have learned enough of the language to connect faster with another prospect. Learning the Russian language can be enjoyable and quicker as you meet new Russian woman that may eventually turn out to be your new partner in life. In case you didn't know English is free to learn in the United states.

Why You Should Learn The Russian Language

The bottom line is if you want date a Russian woman or man you will need to speak the Russian language. When a Russian sees that you have put forth an effort to learn the language, they will do the same to learn to speak to you in your spoken language. After all Russian woman want to meet men abroad also...

If you want to date a Russian woman don't let a thing like not knowing how to speak the Russian Language stop you from reaching your goals. Visit the Russian Woman Guide for more information about Russian woman as potential brides.

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