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Loving an addict

Updated on April 11, 2016
AddictionBlogger profile image

Brandi is a recovering addict who is a drug abuse therapist. She wants to help addicts, families, and loved ones affected by the disease.

Loving An Addict

Loving an addict is a very, very hard thing to do. You watch the person you love so much disappear and change right before you. Addiction is a disease. Addicts don't understand what they are doing because the substance will change you, and take power over your mind and body. Yes, addicts chose to do drugs and/or drink by themselves, but they don't think they will become addicted. Addiction is a illness and mental disorder. It is now classified as a disease.

An addict only wants and cares about one thing, their drug of choice. It may be alcohol, pain pills, heroin, suboxone, methapetamine, etc. But, that is because their body basically gets overrun by the illness, and drugs. Addiction is like having no control over your mind, and body. You will think things you've never thought about before. You will do things you would of NEVER done before.

Those not directly affected do not understand fully. If you do not know anyone who is an addict or love someone who is an addict, understanding what people go through who loves an addict is hard. You may not fully understand why they care so much for their loved ones and their well being. Watching someone you love drift away to drugs will make you so hurt, yet so mad. You will say to yourself.. "How can they do this to themselves? Do they not care at all about what they are doing to me?" Truth is the person you once knew cares, but the addict doesn't. Like I said before, addiction takes over your body and it is like the person you love is not the same person.

Addiction causes parents to outlive their children. Loving an addict causes families to fall apart.

Loving someone who is addicted to something will cause families to fear when they hear a knock on the door, a door bell ringing, or telephone ringing.

People with the ignorance to not learn about addiction, or talk down on people who have the illness will never understand what loved ones go through. People who call addicts "junkies" or "waste of life" or "trash" or "theives" do not understand how addiction works, or what it is like. Addiction doesn't care if you are famous, rich, poor, a straight A student, a high school drop-out, religious, or homeless. ANYONE can become an addict. One bad decision can make anyone an addict. The people who talk down on addicts and recovering addicts can become an addict today, tomorrow, in 5 years. Addiction doesn't care who you are.

You will hate the drug, but love the addict.

It is not the addict that will die if they do not choose to get help, but the person.

Loving an addict is hard, and you will become exhausted from trying to help them get better. It takes a wake up call, rock bottom, or getting institutionalized for most addicts to decide to get help. Every addict will hit their lowest point sometime in their addiction. Hopefully it is before an overdose that seriously harms them, or death.

If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse, feel free to comment below so I can come into contact with you VIA phone, email, video chat, etc.

Also, this is a substance abuse hotline for anyone to call 24/7 so if you are interested in this hotline instead of contacting me the number is:

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

I hope you found this article helpful. Again, if you would like to talk directly to me please comment your email address in the comment box and I will email you ASAP


Do you have someone you love that is family or a close loved one suffering from addiction?

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    • AddictionBlogger profile image

      Brandi 2 years ago from PA

      Please comment if anyone needs any help or advice. I am a recovering heroin addict, and I have been at my highs and lows and experienced first hand the chains of addiction. I watched my family fall apart because of my drug problem.. I am here to help anyone. Loved ones of addicts, or active addicts looking for help with getting into recovery.

      Thank you,

      Addiction Blogger