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How to Attract Women: 6 Tips

Updated on November 28, 2010

There are men who attract women by the boatload, and men who feel that even getting one woman's number is a struggle. Those in the latter group wonder what the studs have that makes them so appealing to women, and I'm here to tell you -- looks is a very, very small part of it. That's not to say you should stop caring about your appearance and just focus on the rest; your appearance does matter -- a lot -- just not in the way you think. Take a look at the following tips for attracting women and start practicing. Anyone can be this guy; anyone. The idea is to make her interested enough that she'll either approach your herself or give you a clear sign that she wants you to approach her.

1. Be confident.

Confident men own the room. Confident men are thoughtful, self-controlled and unfazed by peer pressure. If you quietly approach the bar, order a drink and then take in the room with a calm, observing glance, women will notice you; and they will immediately wonder what makes you so confident. More importantly, they will want to know more about you. Women know that confident men are usually skilled in many areas, not least of which includes the bedroom. If you don't feel confident, act like you are anyway -- eventually, it will feel real to you.

2. Make and hold eye contact.

I am not telling you to gawp -- that's not sexy. I'm simply saying you should make eye contact with the woman and hold it for a few seconds. If she gets all silly and looks away with a blush -- smile at her. Subtly; something like a grin that says you're amused by her twittering. You don't want to give her a Tom Cruise smile, as that takes away all the mystique you've been working. If she doesn't look away but instead stares you down, she's probably very aggressive and used to getting any man she wants (which, of course, you may find appealing).

3. Keep the focus on her.

Once you start chatting, keep the focus on her. Ask her questions about herself and do your best to convey genuine interest. Very few men manage that successfully and women can tell if you're just trying to get into their knickers. Make a woman feel like you're interested in her -- really interested in her -- and she'll be putty in your hands. The trick is mastering this skill quickly, as many women will convince themselves that you're just playing games after a few minutes of idel chatter. So be in charge of the conversation and ask questions that will keep her chatting back.

4. Compliments.

Compliments are important but you don't want to go overboard with a woman you've just met. Try to compliment her on something unique if you can. What you really want to compliment her with, however, is your body language and your facial expressions. Smile at a woman in just the right way and she will feel as though you've only got eyes for her -- this is a major compliment and much more endearing than a simple, "I love your shoes."

5. Personal space.

If there's a bit of attraction going on you want to get yourself into her personal space as much as possible without freaking her out. Instead of sitting across from her, sit next to her. Note, this doesn't mean squish her or sit on her lap. Let her have some space just in case she's not sure about you yet. The more attracted she becomes, the closer she will get -- on her own -- which will help you gauge her interest levels.

6. Be consistent at the end of the evening.

If you've got a girl inching closer to you and you'd like to do more than just take her home for one night, you need to maintain some consistency throughout the evening. If you're both heading to your own homes when the bar closes, do not suddenly change into another person once you get outside. Men who get all weird in the "Can I call you?" moment often find their calls going to voicemail. If you remain the same cool and confident guy she spoke too all night, you have a very good chance of seeing her a second time.


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