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How to Deal with Complainers

Updated on August 20, 2012

Dealing With Negative People

OCD or Obsessive, destructive complainers are everywhere. I mean, there is no such term as OCD. But to give them a name is such a fun way to flip your mind from their negative point of view.

Obsessive, destructive complainers or short for OCD are people who keep on complaining just about everything. And we all know that complaining isn't good for your religion. Err..I mean why did I say that?

Recently, I read an article about Muslim religion that part of their growing is to never, ever complain. Pain without complaining is part of their suffering. If that is true, then, complainer should switch to this religion. Even, Buddhism has this firm belief that pain is part of their suffering and to complain is not an option.

It's like saying, you have no right to complain. And I certainly hope that whenever I can spot a complainer, it is easy to blurt out the phrase, "you have no right to complain, Missy". I wish it's as simple as that.

How to spot and OCD?

It is easy to spot them. They are full of non-existing facial expressions written on their faces. I mean, they can easily twist their faces into a disapproval state. They make things harder for people. And they keep on complaining that the weather isn't as cool as 25 years ago. Well, what is the weather back then?

You see, it's not actually about the weather per chance. It's about the way the say things and react to things. It is the way they perceive it, their opinion about it and their attitude about certain things.

You usually hear them talking aloud and not afraid to complain what they don't like. They are really not a good companion. They bring out that sore face in you that you are hiding for the world to see. Obsessive complainers are the one who makes you feel ungrateful of the things that you thought you are grateful about, but change it to ungrateful heart once you heard their opinion about it. So better watch out.

How to deal with them?

Avoiding them might be a good option. But be aware that if she/ he is a member of the family, the chance of avoiding him/her is slim. You can escape from them, however, but if she/he is your mother or father, you just have to deal with it. Ignoring what she/he says about things may works. But, the more you ignore him/her, the more she/he will annoys you that much. For some reasons, they have ways to make your happy days become miserable. Maybe, it's the way of the universe or some hormones that they exert or whatever.

Psychologist and psychiatrist would also advise you the same thing, and that's to avoid them. But for some circumstances, there are really times that you can't avoid them. If this happens, then- you just have to look beyond what they can't see. Always see the bright side of the picture. There's always silver lining beneath that murky clouds, so try to fill up your thoughts with positive things.

Always remember who you are and what you are. Be you. You are original and unique so negative things can't makes you crumble.

Would talking to them helps? For some complainers, yes. But for severe complainers, I'm not sure. If they keep on talking about the negative side, show them the positive sides. If they can talk negative, then- control the conversation by siting examples about the good things that comes out from a negative points of view.To tone them down would help a bit and change the flow of the conversation. If you noticed that you can't tone them down, then---pray that she/he will not crack you up and turn you into negative person.



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    • Cathleena Beams profile image

      Cathleena Beams 5 years ago from Lascassas, Tennessee

      Someone came to mind as I read this. I find myself often trying to steer her into a more positive way of viewing the world. Sometimes she does come around, but it is more commonly her habit to complain about everything.