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How to Get a Guy to Like You 5 Best Tips

Updated on January 11, 2016

In all honesty, attracting men is very similar to attracting ladies. Basic etiquette and genuine charm go a long way for sparking chemistry.

Ask Him Questions and Be a Good Listener

Most people love to talk about themselves or their experiences. Find opportunities to ask a guy you like about things you think he will positively react to.Use his name and ask follow up questions related to what she says to show you are listening.

For example

"Hey Mark, I heard there is a basketball game this Tuesday, is it a home game for you guys?" "Oh cool, I wish it was at home I've been meaning to catch a game. When is the next one?"

"Hey Jayden, Have you seen the new James Bond movie? I was considering seeing it and was hoping you could tell me if its any good...? "Yea you're right they are usually pretty entertaining. "Do you have a favorite one"

"Hi Sam, I'm so glad the midterm is finally over with, do you have any plans for spring break? That sounds fun, do you visit there often?

Be Cool - Not Clingy

Now I'm not saying to play games. I'm highlighting the fact that there is a fine line between being friendly / flirty and being clingy. You want to be seen as friendly but not desperate or needy. If you engage in friendly conversation with the guy you like early in the day, when you spot him again that afternoon, consider a simple wave and smile across the room instead of another lengthy heart to heart. Leave him wanting more.

You don't want to jump all over every chance you get to interact with your romantic interest; until he is actually your boyfriend, it could easily come off as stalker-ish or suffocating.

I know its kind of a lame example, but think about the way Edward Cullen in Twilight acts towards Bella when they first meet. He's friendly and polite, yet mysterious and aloof. He peaks her interest and then puts a healthy distance between him and her until she approaches him and expresses romantic interest. Even if you're team Jacob you can't deny Edward has game.

Be True to Yourself

Remember that great hit from 2002 Complicated by Avril Lavigne? As she puts it "Acting like your someone else gets-a me frustrated!" and I couldn't agree more. What good is it to get the guy only to have everything fall apart once he sees through the fake front you've been projecting.

You will find more happiness in your relationships with friends and partners when you are true to yourself and find that these people love you just as you are.

When you're young, you may be saying "How can I be true to myself, when I don't know who I am?" and that's ok. You may be figuring out who you are right now, and likely, your love interest is as well. The strongest relationships in life are often those where the people involved grew together during a transitional time. Think high school sweethearts who shared adolescence and the transition to adulthood together, or soldiers who share the experience of going off to war. Your identity may be a fluid concept, but feeling genuine is very intuitive.

Be Likeable

This may sound like an over simplification but you need to project likability for a decent guy to like you. I may be aging myself with all the early Millennial references but remember when Regina George from Mean Girls looses the hot guy to Katy and he eventually leaves her too because he can see the inner ugly in the both of them and it's a huge turn off. Real life good guys don't want to see or hear you being U. G. L. Y. either. OK, I swear that was the last reference!

  • Be a genuinely kind person
  • Show interest in others
  • Don't talk trash or try to bond with others at the expense of someone else
  • Project confidence, even if you have to fake it
  • Don't be afraid to let her see you (tell her an embarrassing / funny story)
  • Accept compliments with grace and say thank you
  • Don't self disparage - Why would she think well of you if you don't think well of yourself

Be Happy with Yourself and Know Your Worth

It can be easy to fall head over heals for your crush and wind up bending over backwards trying to get them to notice you. The reality is that guys don't want a meek little puppy following them around all the time. Project confidence even if you have to fake it at first. Be independent and know what's important to you. No man want to feel the pressure of being responsible for your personal happiness. You don't need a man to make you anything more than what you are. Be happy and enjoy your own company. You must truly love yourself before you can build a healthy romantic relationship with another person.

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