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How to Get a Rich Man to Marry You

Updated on August 11, 2013

Rules of Getting a Rich Man

There is a formula for marrying rich. Some women get the goods right away while others flail around for years trying to get an average guy to propose. A rich guy is likely to be a lot cockier than an average poor guy so you really have to be on your toes when in a relationship with a man of means. Absolutely follow these rules and you absolutely stand a good chance of getting your way.

  1. Never let your guy know where you are at. If you are feeling obsessed with him and desperately want to marry him, do not give even the slightest clue because if he suspects that you are serious about him and that he means the world to you, he has power over you and he will know it. This will result in he feeling like the prize and seeing you as the one who has to try to "win" him.
  2. Keep up your appearance. Wear nice clothes, do your makeup and always keep yourself fit looking. Even if you are not drop dead gorgeous, your neet and trim looks will take you a lot farther than if you were beautiful and un-kept.
  3. Don't talk yourself down. women do this all the time. Believe me, people develop their views about who you are and how others perceive you based on what you say about yourself. If you put yourself down by either saying that you are fat or eluding to the fact that men have dumped you in the past, you have just told your new guy that men dump you. This will automatically make him see himself as the prize and he will not want to be the one who gets stuck with you, but would rather join the men of your past and dump you too. If you are going to elude to anything from your past be sure its, "I was not ready to settle down and he was pressuring me". See how that will make a guy much more curious about you? You will plant in his head that other men want to marry you and that YOU are hard to get. Men are hunters and he will undoubtedly wonder if he could possibly win you, and be the guy who caught the prize. I have seen men dump women one after the other only to come to that different girl who says, "I don't want a major commitment" and suddenly the guy is desperate to get married. No exaggeration, I have seen it happen with various different men.
  4. Have other things going on in your life. If you appear to be hanging around your house just waiting for him to take you out, he is likely to become bored with you. Also, many wealthy men are very busy and his being busy all the time will keep you frustrated by the lack of attention he is giving you. Join meetups and become interested in investing money. Wealthy men are always interested in money and what to do with it. If you educated yourself on the subject you will make yourself much more desirable.
  5. Don't have sex with your guy too soon. Hold out as long as possible. Women make the huge mistake of thinking that it is just part of dating and it should be a big deal. If you make it into a big deal he will always treasure that he conquered you. If you give in too soon it will be just another girl who dropped her pants. This may sound harsh, but unfortunately, this is how men think. They could start to become interested in a girl and after having sex with her after dating her only five times, the interest simply dies and they want to run in the opposite direction.

Appeal to a Rich Man's Ego

Remember that rich guys have egos and their wealth, education and even you are an extension of their egos. If you don't seem to have class they will not want to be seen with you. If your looks and your personality are refined and classy, he will be impressed. Women are a dime a dozen, and even pretty girls are not very uncommon, but a true classy lady is rare.

Survey on Dating a Rich Man

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    • profile image

      gretchen 4 months ago

      i'm looking a rich man to be a husband someday❤

    • profile image

      diamond 2 years ago

      I love this content it helps me a lot but I'm asking I'm dating a very richman and he always want me to do what he wants,it's good to do that always don't I look so cheap.but he is old but nice and I like him

    • profile image

      Dionne 4 years ago

      I love to meet a rich man to love me and my kids for who we are.And i want to be in a real committed relationship with a real loyalty man.I want a man whose going to love me for me.