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How to Impress a Girl in India

Updated on January 26, 2012

How to a Impress a Girl in India

The Power of Confidence:

In surveys taken of Indian women and what they are attracted to and impressed by, a few things often come up. Good looks, money and muscles being common, but there is one ingredient which the girls ALWAYS mention, and you don’t need any of those other things to get it. You don’t need to buy it; you don’t need to be born with it. Any Indian man can acquire it on their own and for free. What is it that I am talking about? I am talking about confidence.

Why are women so extremely attracted to confidence? Because confidence is an outward sign of classic attractive attributes of men. Muscular men, strong men, rich men and handsome men are all more often than not more confident than the average man. Due to the effects of evolution, this association has become so ingrained in the psyches of girls that confidence on its own without looks, wealth or status is extremely attractive. If you are very confident, it will communicate that you are a high value male to Indian girls, allowing you to easily impress such girls.

How does a man become confident to impress girls? There are two general paths to doing so.

The first is short term fixes, which are temporary boosts. When you get a new hair cut, or when you wear a brand new shirt, how do you feel? You feel like you look good. You feel like people are taking notice of your new look and that they are eyeing you. You feel confident. It’s these short term boosts in your confidence that you make you feel that you are more attractive to girls and impress them more. In order to constantly impress girls in India, I suggest you refit your hair and your clothes completely, if you don’t feel that you look good in that shirt or that pair of jeans, DON’T WEAR THEM. Whether they actually look good or not isn’t the question, most people won’t even notice. The important thing is that YOU FEEL that you are comfort. Because of you feel confident, this will be sub communicated to Indian girls, and this will confidence will impress them.

Long term confident boosts are not one-off band aids, they must be worked on slowly over time. They are of critical importance however. You have no chance of impressing a girl in India without them. Long term confident boosts are anything that make you feel confident everywhere you go. The most common long term confident boost is weightlifting. Sign up for a gym membership and start doing three sets of the following exercises: Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Bicep Curls and Lat Pull downs. These will work your entire body and build muscle. Day by day and week by week these muscles will slowly grow larger. For a long time you’re the only one whose going to notice that you’ve gotten bigger, but when you walk around you will (mistakenly) believe that everyone else notices too, and this will make you feel confident. The best part about weight lifting is that after long enough, your bigger muscles will actually make you more confident on their own, without your mind playing tricks and thinking that people can notice that your arms are slightly bigger.

The important thing about confidence is narcissism, or self-love. Narcissism is a word adapted from a Greek myth of a man who fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissism has been scientifically found to be one of the most attractive traits to women. When you become a narcissist you will become more confident and cocky, and this will impress Indian girls.

I hope this has given you a great start on How to Impress a Girl in India.


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    • profile image

      Radhika33 4 years ago

      Even though confidence does speak about men

      It does not totally depict the person that you are

    • isenhower33 profile image

      Bobby Isenhower 5 years ago from Crothersville, IN

      Don't use pickup lines, be yourself, talk about something around you, smile a lot and be generally interested in what they are saying. That is the best way to start off the conversation.

    • profile image

      sandip b 5 years ago

      i am handsome boy. 6 fit height ,strong muscle and fair in color.

      my girl friend is also smart. she also smart likes me.

      i have well educated. i am 28 years and my friand is 25 years old.

      aslo she like me .but she is very short in hight .then what i should do now.

    • profile image

      Aamir 5 years ago

      For me, Best way to approach a Girl is to use the best, funny and cheesy pickup line. I Sometimes use....Shall we talk or continue flirting from a distance & Excuse me; I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.

    • profile image

      Vishwa 5 years ago

      ^ This guy is a despo! Can't even speak English properly. Bah, bullshit!

    • profile image

      RAJA 5 years ago


    • WayneDave profile image

      WayneDave 5 years ago from Leeds, England

      Confidence is a huge thing in so many walks of life. Nice hub.