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How to Know You've Chosen the Right Wedding Vendors

Updated on October 14, 2018
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Victoria is a stay-at-home mom, author, educator, and blogger at Healthy at Home. She currently lives in Colorado with her family.


With the excitement of wedding planning so great, too many brides rush into making choices on their wedding vendors. The first or second venue says they can handle everything for you, but they come with a hefty fee . . . the florist says that’s what flowers normally cost and you give in because you don’t know . . . the photographer convinces you that you have to have the gorgeous leather-bound album for your house and your parents also each need their own albums no matter the cost. Does this sound familiar to you? This is the common story coming from most brides.

Your story doesn’t have to sound this way! Most wedding vendors are trained specifically to essentially trick you into paying for more than you need. Many will lie, cheat and steal just to get your service even if they never have any intention of following through on their promises.

I want you to know that you can have the perfect vendors for your wedding without feeling like you’ve been steam-rolled. It just takes time, effort, and a little research on your part to get just the right people for exactly what you want to pay.

So how do you know if you’ve chosen the right vendors?

You came into this not really knowing much about wedding prices or what to expect from wedding vendors. You work a full-time job and are going to school and simply don’t have the time to research all of them and read every wedding book there is on the topic. Let me help you with 5 simple tips!

Do They Make You Feel Comfortable?

This is the most critical part of choosing the right wedding vendors.

This means they should be prepared for your meeting, familiar with the details you’ve already shared with them, have some idea of what they can do for you to make your wedding perfect, and a good solid contract that outlines exactly when and where your event is, and what exactly they are doing to serve you.

Not that they have to have the best sense of humor, but you should enjoy their company and want to work with them when you leave. It sure helps though!

Being in their presence should put a smile on your face and put you at ease. You should want to work with them and want to sign that contract before you actually do so.


Do They Seem to Understand Your Vision?

Being understood is a huge part of knowing that your wedding will go exactly as you wish.

Were they paying attention to you throughout your meeting or were they distracted?

Are they excited about working with you or do you feel like just another bride with them?

Were they completely honest and sincere in their discussion with you?

Were they able to reiterate what they thought you wanted and offer some suggestions to you that were in line with what you dreamed?

If you have to correct miscommunication frequently or don’t feel like they are paying attention while you are speaking, this is not a good sign.

A good rule of thumb is that they should always be repeating back to you their understanding of what you want for a confirmation that they are on the right track.

You'll know when they are on the right track, have obviously been paying attention to you, and will provide you the service you are looking for on your big day.

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Do They Have a Quality Product?

In many of these businesses, the product is not simply what they are making or the final outcome of their services. Their product is also themselves.

They should be professional, well-dressed and make a good impression at every meeting and on every phone call. If they are ever disrespectful or bossy, this is not the right vendor for you.If they are acting in ways or are dressed in ways that shock or offend you, this is also not the right vendor for you.

On top of the impression they give you of their business, their products should be award-winning as well. I’ve seen too many wedding videos with heads cut off, pictures with thumbs in the way or a frowning bride, cakes that are leaning over or the fondant is wrinkled, etc.

Make sure you can see or sample their products and make sure to check those references before committing to anyone!


Are They Within Your Budget For That Area?

You don’t have a budget!! This is definitely the time to put one together! Check out my articles on The Average Budget for Your Wedding and Creating an Ideal Budget for Your Wedding for help with this!

If you only have $1000 for catering, don’t settle for paying $4000. Insist on staying within your budget in every area.

Your vendors should be willing to suggest how to still get your vision and stay within your set budget.

If any vendor tells you that there’s no way to get what you want, if they tell you that you just don’t understand how much weddings cost, or that you’re just going to have to raise your budget because their prices are what everyone else is charging and you won’t find those prices anywhere else, it’s time to find a new vendor!

Do They Seem to Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

When all of these areas come together, you should feel really good about those people you have hired. They make you feel comfortable, they understand your vision, have quality products, and have stayed within your budget.

Are they willing to suggest ways to save money?

Are they willing to suggest great vendors to you that also fit all of these characteristics?

Do they seem comfortable around you and treat you like you are valuable to their business?

Do they do everything in their power to give you a good impression and make you happy?

If you’ve been able to answer no to any of the above criteria, it may be time to rethink your vendor decisions.

Too many brides have been conned, swindled, stood up, and lied to. This usually happens because they aren't willing to do any research, ask any questions, or call any references.

Brides typically give in and give up as soon as it seems like it's going to be difficult and wedding vendors count on this! Please don’t let this happen to you!

If you take these decisions seriously and choose your vendors wisely, your wedding day will be exactly as you planned it!

You can have your Wedding Dream Team, the team that will guide you through your wedding day with care and professionalism, if you take the time and effort it takes to create one.

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© 2013 Victoria Van Ness


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