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How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating

Updated on August 6, 2010


 I am not a professional. I am only speaking from experience. THIS is not a for sure guideline of a cheating girlfriend.

My Past

There have been so many posts about, "How to know if your boyfriend is cheating," and trust me, I've done my fair share of reading them. However, not many times do I see articles on what guys can look for if they suspect their girl of cheating. I'm not proud of it, but I have cheated in the past. I'm not boasting the terrible thing I did, but I figure a guy would like to look at the signs, which are my own characteristics I displayed during my cheating days. If you think your girlfriend has many of the traits I've listed, it doesn't necessarily mean she's cheating. I'm no expert and not one girl is the same, however my "signs" may give reason to discussing your fears and suspicions with your significant other. If you're like me, once you've been lied to once, the chances of you suspecting suspicious acts behind your back by the one you love often is highly likely.

Pictures on her phone, she never sent to you?

Signs She's Cheating

  • If you are normally very sexually active (@ least once a day) and she is suddenly not as interested in "getting down," rarely wants it and denies your advances.
  • Look at her while you are having sex. Does she really look into it? Or is she looking away, expressionless, obviously faking her "oohs and aahs" and her mind seems elsewhere?
  • Does she purposely start a BAD fight with you in the evening? It could be so she can avoid you calling her later on, when she's with her Sancho.
  • Is she constantly deleting calls or messages?
  • Is her phone out of your sight the majority of the time? (if there is nothing to hide, there shouldn't be any problem having the phone near her)
  • Does she get nervous when her phone rings or when she receives a text and automatically gets to it, silences it, and blocks your view, so she doesn't risk you seeing something?
  • The calls and texts to you are coming less and less.
  • She's not worried about what you're doing. In fact she might even encourage you going out more. On the other hand, she might become EXTRA worried about what you're doing, because of her own guilty conscience.
  • Pictures of herself in her phone that she didn't send to you. Trust me, we delete pics of ourselves that we DON'T like.



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    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Wow love the lack of punctuation on the posts a few prior to this.

    • profile image

      michael 3 years ago

      love is a feeling of two would be praised as sacrifice, affection, etc...

      to know wether gf cheat u...sharing...not sharing her worries, lose trust, fight no reason and end upto break...

      important is teasing u by mention the past ;(


    • profile image

      csoroville 3 years ago

      Well my Girl has every signs on every web sight to the tee. I just hate being alone and I do love her a lot. I am guilty of it told her about all. She is not in to sex she going on new trips I never invited with her friends deleted me from her fb erases all the tx messages . can't answer simple questions. And fights about everything. Hide in spair room no sleeping next to me. I move to Much .blablabla .same shit told her to leave begging her for any effection can't give me any a t all. So what s the call answers please.

    • profile image

      hiiiiiii 3 years ago


    • profile image

      scottv6289 3 years ago

      I feel the same way everything on this site is to the T about my x-wife I am trying to get back with her and everything here is what she is doing to me so what should I do leave her she says trust her but how can I

    • profile image

      hotboy 4 years ago

      Its hotboy agin if some 1 wants to try and help me please email me at please help

    • profile image

      hotboy 4 years ago

      I am in love with this girl since I was 8 years old she is older then me I am 28 and she is 31 she moved when I was about 11 and when I was 16 her sister came down to see all her old friends and when she went back home I went with her and about 2 days later the girl I am in love with and her sister went out to a bar and when they got back I ended up eating to girl I am in love with out and 2 days after that I went back home and about 2 years ago I seen her on face book and we talked for about a week bfor I went to see her but in that week befor I seen her she was saying how she wanted to fuck me so bad and and she wanted my to cum in her and when I asked her y she said that she said cuz she nos I love her and she trust me and when I went to see her I stayed a week and she wanted me to move in and I did we was happy up until a month ago I wanted to go back to here I was from to see my famly and we got in to a fight about it and I said some bad things to her as she did me we still talk and have sex and she says I am the only 1 she is and will have sex with and I am to be the same way but latey she has been acting weard and she has been hanging out with ppl from work and we don't. Talk as much and as long as I give her gas money she comes over she lives 2hrs away so that should show something some times when I call her her phone is off and she says her phone has been acting up or she ain't. Get some txt I sent her and she does take naked pic of her self and when I say I ain't. Get that pic she says I forgot to send it to me and I. Have seen a pic of some dude on her phone and I went off about and she said that some dude sent it to her and she does not talk to this dude it was pics of his chest and dick and when she wants me to send her pics of me she allways says send me a pic of your chest odd right I love her a lot. I no she was on a dateing sit b4 she got with me and she says she. Don't get on there no more but I seen resont txt from dudes on the sit on her phone I love her so much some1 please help what in the hell is going on it is hurting me real bad to where I want to die

    • profile image

      Rodolfo 6 years ago

      Dude, these are great signs that she is up to something else besides you I find the phone on silence, or won't answer it, when gets call or text the biggest reason to suspect she is up to no good.