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How to Make Someone Happy

Updated on March 4, 2015
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Jevannel is a College Instructor. She takes teaching as a job and freelance writing as a career.


Happiness is everything we desire to have in our whole life. Of course, who would ever want to live miserably? However, we are not living in the four corners of our world, therefore, we need to reach out to people around us and share the happiness to others.

Here are few things you can do in order to brighten up someone’s day.


Simply listening to people who would like to burst some burdens can actually make them happy already. It does not ask so much effort from us. It might consume some of our time, but it will surely not cause so much intervention in our routines. Just sit with them and lend your ears. You cannot just make the person happy, you could also grant him/her peace within.


It is amazing how some people can actually make us happy, even just remembering our names and faces. You can also do that to people you meet because remembering is an act of treasuring someone who have some impact in your life.


This does not always demand your money. You can share more than just earthly treasures. Perhaps, you would like to share your knowledge with people just to help them understand things. You can also share your time and effort. As long as you have the full willingness to share what you have, then there is always happiness in sharing that you would understand. You may also send gifts. This is still sharing your blessings. You can get many gift ideas online.


This is more than forgetting. If one person have caused you hurt, troubles, and miseries, forgive and you are not just igniting happiness for that person, but also yours. No person would be truly happy if he has caused someone some pains, and no person also would be at peace if forgiving is hard for him to do.

Love yourself.

Making other people happy can also be possible if you are making yourself happy, too. Domino effect as they say. Also, do not forget those loved ones who care for you so much that seeing you happy can also have a double impact of happiness for them.

If you would reflect on the list, you could actually realize that making others happy is never a difficult thing to do. By doing this all the time, you are also doing a favor to yourself. The more smiles you can put on someone’s day, the double happiness it could bring to your life.


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