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How to Plan a Wedding that Fits Your Style

Updated on December 18, 2009

Your wedding is your Big Day, but with all the pressures and expectations that surround wedding ceremonies and receptions, it can be difficult to create an event that really reflects the interests and personalities of you and your betrothed. Weddings that are planned around the unique personalities of the couple involved are usually more meaningful then cookie-cutter ceremonies, and are often more interesting for guests as well. Here are some tips to plan a wedding that fits your style.

Make No Assumptions

Wedding magazines, the media, and traditionalists often portray weddings as events that must necessarily contain specific elements—the white dress, the flowers, the multi-tiered wedding cake, the party favors. But in fact, the only elements a wedding must have are an licensed officiant to perform ceremonies, a willing couple who state vows that are legally binding, and a witness. So if white isn’t your thing or you would rather have pie than cake (or no dessert at all), then don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Do not assume that you must follow the prescribed format.

Include the things you love in your wedding

Sit down with your fiancé and brainstorm components of the wedding that will reflect your interests and feelings about each other. If you love a particular kind of music, play that kind of music at your wedding—don’t worry about the heavy metal offending grandma. If one of you is an artist or craftsman, incorporate your art into the decorations. If you love costumes, have a costume wedding or a period theme. If you are outdoorsy, organize a float trip for your wedding party and guests, or hike to a lookout point to get married. Involving your guests in what you love will make your wedding memorable and personal. Check websites like Indiebride and Off-Beat Bride for examples of outside-the-box ideas.

Don’t cave to pressures from friends or family

Creating your big day in the way that you want and creating an event that your relatives will enjoy are sometimes contradictory efforts. While you do want to ensure that your guests will be comfortable—that there are proper facilities for them and catering and physical accommodations for those that need them—you want your wedding to be a reflection of you and not them. Of course, negotiating may become difficult when some of your relatives are footing the bill. But try to pick your battles wisely and make sure that the aspects of the wedding that are most important to you—especially the ceremony itself—are suited to your style.

Image Credit: re-ality, Flickr


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