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Frugal Wedding Decoration With Balloons

Updated on May 29, 2009

Who says wedding decorations have to cost a fortune? Balloons can be a wonderful alternative to create tasteful wedding decor inexpensively. No matter what your budget is, why spend it on things that don't matter? Wouldn't you rather blow big bucks on a fabulous gown, cake, and honeymoon? Balloons - when done right - can be the answer to a gorgeous, full looking wedding on a very frugal budget. With the help of family and friends, brides can make the decorations with just a little instruction. Balloons are low-cost, and the result can look amazing.

Balloon Centerpieces

One of the best places to use wedding balloon decorations is on reception tables. Centerpieces are so important to making a room feel full and cozy because they take up vertical space. Think about your favorite restaurants - do a lot of them have fancy light fixtures or fun things hanging from the ceiling? Same idea.

It's so easy to make creative balloon centerpieces with paper lunch sacks, sand, color-coordinated ribbon, helium, and balloons - also color coordinated.

*A Note of Caution on Balloon Colors: It's really not necessary to match the balloon colors to the theme of the wedding. In some cases it'll work, and in others your wedding will end up looking like a prom. Stick to white, black, silver, or gold. Unless it really, really works to have another color. When in doubt, ask your maid of honor!

  1. Fille a paper sack with sand.
  2. Fill three balloons with helium and tie them off with long pieces of ribbon. Play with the length to make sure the balloons will float just above eye level.

    If you cut the strings of the three balloons differently, it allows them to be different heights when arranged. You can also curl the extra ribbon or string to make it more decorative. For extra flair, brides can stuff the bags with color-coordinated tissue paper after adding the sand. When the balloons are attached, the tissue paper can stick out of the top for a festive look.

  3. Set the sack in the center of a piece of tissue paper.
  4. Gathering the tissue paper to the top of the sack, bunch everything up and tie the balloons around it to secure them.
  5. Place the sack in the middle of the table and for your centerpiece!

This works really well for last minute decorating. You don’t have to be limited to using this piece in the reception – you can also use this idea to decorate the ceremony. The balloon centerpieces can also be placed on the floor, lining the aisle in the ceremony.

Balloon Arches

The balloon arch is a great way to add flair - and height - to your ceremony. The easiest way to construct the piece is with a pre-built wedding arch made pvc pipe. If a wedding arch is not available, you can build an arch using strong bendable metal wire. Balloon tapes are also very easy to work with. 

After positioning the arch, attach balloons onto the arch using wire ties or string. Wrap the tie around the base of the balloon and then onto the arch. It is best to start at the top and work your way down both sides evenly to create a consistent look. This can be done with multicolored balloons or balloons of the dominant wedding color.

The more balloons you can attach, the better the piece will look. Please note that the piece shouldn’t be moved; it must be constructed at the site where it will be used. The length of time it will last will depend on whether you use air or helium filled balloons. Plan the timing of the construction carefully.

The completed arch can be used in different places. Placing it outside the entrance to the ceremony allows guest to walk through the arch as well as the bride and her attendants. Or, the arch can be used as a ceremony highlight, where the bride and groom stand under it as they are saying their vows. Lastly, some brides use it to decorate for the after-ceremony event.

Image Credit: Daquellamanera, Flickr


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  • JosefS profile image


    9 years ago from Lisa Wellington from Canada

    Great ideas for any wedding. I always wondered why balloons aren't used that much for wedding decor. This hub will give brides much better ideas on how to decorate with balloons. Thanks for sharing.


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