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How to Plan an Awesome Bachelorette Party

Updated on December 23, 2018
Ria Fritz profile image

Ria is a young millennial from the U.S. Midwest who loves partying, but hates all the drama that usually comes with partying.


In the age of Instagram and other social media, the pressure is higher than ever if you want to throw a solid bachelorette party. Though the bachelorette party is traditionally planned by the maid of honor, it's not uncommon for the bride-to-be to weigh in with requests - and even demands!

Luckily, it's easy to avoid some of the biggest mistakes party planners make. Satisfying the bride and the party guests may require plenty of work, but some simple tips will help you get the most out of your effort.

Be Budget-Conscious

The bride is likely spending tons of money on her wedding, and the bridesmaids are shelling out for bridesmaids dresses, at a minimum. Even if you have the means to go all-out, it's possible that not everyone in the bridal party has the means to do so. Someone who seems well-off on the surface could be dealing with sudden medical bills or other issues under the surface.

If considering an overnight trip or other adventure with accommodation costs, ask yourself - and your guests - if it's worth it. You might be able to accomplish almost as much fun in your own city, or simply do a day trip to a destination an hour away. (Also remember that the longer a party is, the trickier it gets to schedule around the guests' other commitments!)

Also look at venues that provide the fun you need without breaking the bank. While a swank nightclub can provide a fantastic time, your party might have just as much fun at a smaller, less expensive venue. It may also be better to stick to a familiar location that you know you'll have a good time at!

Provide a Variety of Activities

Clubbing is fun, but most people don't want to do that for more than a few hours. If you're trying to build an evening around more tame activities like beaches and going to the theatre, you may eventually lose the interest of your more party-minded guests.

Consider starting the event on a relatively low-key note, especially if some of your guests haven't seen each other in a while and will want to catch up. Jewelry-making, painting, or simply relaxing on the beach can be a great way to start. This is also a good time to introduce something your guests haven't done before, like a tour around a botanical garden or a short boat trip.

Then, when it's time for the party to really start, provide some changes in venue throughout the evening. Booking a four-hour party package at a fancy nightclub could be a big mistake if the club ends up being boring. Plus, the bride-to-be may want to tour her favorite bars one last time before she settles down!

Have a Plan B - and a Safety Plan

Bad weather, road accidents, and other unforeseen events can quickly get in the way of your plans. Have alternate options for each component of your party, even if it's a relatively simple affair with little traveling involved.

For example, a night at the theatre can become derailed if transportation problems will keep you from getting to the venue on time. Having another option, like a nearby comedy night, can keep the evening from being disappointing.

It's also critical to have some kind of way to keep track of each other's whereabouts. Since phones can die or get lost, make sure each guest has a copy of your phone number. Consider carrying a spare charger in case someone spends too much time and battery posting Instagram photos. If you're at a particularly large venue, plan a place and time to re-convene in advance, and have a plan for tracking down wayward members of the group.

Make Reservations - Even for Small Groups

It's easy to think that a small party of 5-6 people won't have any problems getting into venues, and reservations can reduce your party's flexibility. However, even large restaurants and nightclubs can turn out to be extremely busy with little warning. If half of the venue is booked for a private party, waiting times for everyone will be much longer than usual.

If the place you want to go to doesn't accept reservations, having a plan B lined up becomes even more important. The last thing you want is to waste precious time sitting around hungry.

Book Private Transportation if Possible

Unless your city has really reliable public transit, you're going to want to book a party bus or limo. This is especially true in case of inclement weather! Trying to grab a taxi or Uber in a busy area of the city can take considerable time, and it'll be even more difficult if your party is larger than 6-7 people.

If you're lucky, your venues may all be within walking distance of each other. Your guests will appreciate the heads-up if they'll be walking a decent amount, though, so make sure to advise them accordingly. High heels can cause blisters or twisted ankles faster than you realize!

Regardless of what transportation plans you end up making, make sure to have a taxi company number or the Uber app ready to go on your phone. A guest who isn't feeling well and is ready to go home will appreciate your preparedness.

Be Prepared for Conflict

Hopefully the bride's friends all get along reasonably well, but there's even a good group of friends can hit bumps in the road. This is going to be even more true if the bride is under a lot of stress due to wedding planning. Sometimes all it takes is a hug or a round of shots to smooth things over, but sometimes, the best peacemaker in the group might have to step in. Knowing who that peacemaker is can go a long way.

Also keep in mind that going to a favorite bar or nightclub may cause members of the party to run into people that they know - for better or for worse. An obnoxious ex-boyfriend can hopefully be ignored, but a friend of the bride who didn't get invited to be a bridesmaid might feel snubbed and cause problems. If the bride's friends are prone to drama, consider picking a club where your party is less likely to run into exes, rivals, and other unsavory characters.

Keep the Drinking Under Control

On the one hand, no one wants to feel like the organizer of the party is also their mother. On the other hand, acting like the guests' mother could be what keeps a wild night from getting too wild.

Encourage guests to pace themselves, and don't be afraid to jump in with a gentle "Wait, let's do shots at the next bar" if someone's already getting too drunk. This is especially important if you have guests who don't handle their alcohol well, or are prone to being belligerent or reckless when drunk.

Of course, even a party full of happy drunks can take a turn for the worse if someone drinks enough to get sick. Since drinking on an empty stomach can get someone drunk really fast, try to arrange times and places to have snacks throughout the evening. The taco truck you usually avoid during the day might actually be a lifesaver during bachelorette parties.


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