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How to Romance on Valentine's Day

Updated on February 6, 2014

This is for all the lovers of the world who are not just lovers in name but truly love and adore their girl. Whoever said that once you make a girl your girlfriend or partner or wife that she no longer deserves to be pampered and romanced with? I know that you are nodding in approval there because you care, because you love her, because you want to show her every day, every hour, every second of each day that you love her. I know that every day with her is special but there is no harm is celebrating Valentine’s day to show some extra tenderness towards her and express your feelings all over again, compressed in a day of loving and togetherness.

True that Valentine’s day tend to always take place on week days and therefore make it difficult to make time on a busy schedule to plan something special for the love of your life but hey, if you can somehow arrange your schedule just for this one day in a small month of February, then it will show all the much more how much you truly care for her.

Romance and love truly has no age and I know that this may sound clichéd but it is as true as it gets. It can be as overwhelming for a teenager’s puppy love as it is for a man who has shared the life and bed with the lady of his heart for the past half of a century. In the similar way there is no end to expressing your sincere feelings to her, and if she loves you that way you love her, she will be touched and moved and fall in love all over again with you. So make the best of Valentine’s day! 

You love her, you know that, she knows that but in the busy life that takes over our lives and takes control you may sometimes not expressly express your love for her. It’s not your fault, it’s not a fault at all, it’s the grinding nature of life that makes us all part of a bolt or screw in the machine called life. You flow with the machined and end up sometimes forgetting to tell her how much you love. So Valentine’s day is coming ahead, it’s all around you, you see it everywhere, the card shops bursting with red hearts and windows of shops, this time you can’t forget. I know the thought may occur that Valentine’s day is as the name suggests “a day for Valentine” not yours, but it wouldn’t hurt to do something special for her, the girl that you adore, that you love and would protect with all of your heart and soul.

Doing something special on Valentine’s day does not mean that you have to take her on a ride to Venus. Spend the evening with her alone. Take her out on a quiet dinner. Do something as clichéd as bringing her a dozen of big, dark Roses and a box of chocolates. She will love it. And it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. 

Music that inspires the soul. Use music to your advantage and romance on Valentine's Day.
Music that inspires the soul. Use music to your advantage and romance on Valentine's Day.

Romance and Music goes hand in hand

Take her out on a long drive on the evening of Valentine’s day after work, away from the cluster of city life. Choose some romantic songs to play in the car. I would suggest takings along some of these songs: Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer, Audrey Hepburn’s moon river, How deep is your love by Bee Gees, Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart, I will always love you by Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley’s can’t help falling in love with you, Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton (my personal favourite), unchained melody by the Righteous Brothers, Shania Twain’s you’ve got a way with me, November rain by Guns N’ Roses. There are many other beautiful songs that you could play on a drive out on Valentine’s night and also in your own home during dinner if you can cook a simple romantic dinner for her.  

Top 20 Romantic songs

Take her out to do her favourite thing. If she loves pets and it’s not possible to have a pet at home, then take her on a visit to a pet store where she can pet animals (one of my favourite things to do). Take her to do a simple thing as watching a movie. It may be a while since she last watched a romantic movie in the theatre with you. And afterwards take her to a restaurant where you used to take her in the first days of you courting her (this is for those who have been with their girl for a considerable amount of time). This will definitely bring back sweet memories and both of you will feel a tug in the heart and it will feel like a renew of vows even if you are not yet married to her when it will hit you both that even though you both have walked so further away from where you began, you are still together with the person that means the world to you, and tell her so, tell her!

I can go on writing forever on this topic. Just remember to express your love at all times, not just Valentine’s day. Take her out to clubs and dance your heart away with her. And kiss her feet when you get back home if it hurts. She will love it.

Go ahead and add your suggested way of spending the valentine’s day with your girl in the comments section.

And if you have yet to tell her that you love her then just go and do that.


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    • K Kiss profile image

      K Kiss 6 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      Thanks bestest friend...hope the article and the attached youtube video helped you.. happy valentine's day to you too

    • profile image

      Shaheda 6 years ago

      Lovely article.Thanks gal your always best and ofcourse Happy valentines (lovable) day...Love you always!