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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your girl

Updated on October 22, 2014

Doubtful Origin

I will start off by giving a brief account of what Valentine’s day is and who Valentine was. Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide, it is still a mystery whence it originated. Despite the debate over its true origination, it can be said with some clarity that St. Valentine was a martyr who spent his last days in jail. One side of the story is that St. Valentine was a Roman who was martyred on 14th of February 269 A.D because of the fact that he was a true Christian and he declined to give up Christianity. The concept of Valentine’s Day sprouted from the fact that St. Valentine is said to have left a good bye letter signed off “From Your Valentine” to the jailer’s daughter who had befriended him. However, there is another story attached to the Valentine’s Day which professes that St. Valentine was a priest at the time Emperor Claudius reigned. The story goes around the line that Claudius confined Valentine’s freedom by jailing him when Valentine defied the Emperor. Pope Gelasius, in 496 A.D marked the 14th of February as a day to honour St. Valentine.

Now, I do not know which one is the real root to the day we celebrate as the Valentine’s Day, but I think it is more plausible to believe in the first story. Whatever the true root may be, it is a given fact that the 14th of February has been celebrated as a day segregated from the rest just for lovers since the 1800’s. Although, traditionally this day has been a day of exchanging sentimental poems and simple gifts that wither away like flowers, through time and age it has become a day to celebrate love by gifting valuable yet sentimental gifts to one’s loved ones as well. Below I have provided a number of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that will cater to everyone’s needs whether it be an adolescent boy about to spend his pocket money on a gift for his girl or a much experienced and wealthy person with a deep pocket.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for your woman
Valentine's Day gift ideas for your woman | Source

What should I give to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day:

As I have mentioned above, flowers are the traditional gifts that are given on Valentine’s day as such it needs to be noted why it is so. Well it is because there can truly be nothing as sweet as a bunch of red roses accompanying a sweet love note that reaches the deepest part of your partner’s heart.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

However, there are many Valentine’s day gift ideas that a man should take into account before deciding on any particular one. Things that a male partner can gift or do for his girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s are provided below.

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His and Her pillowcaseOriginal ideas for his and her pillowcaseOriginal ideas for his and her pillowcase
His and Her pillowcase
His and Her pillowcase
Original ideas for his and her pillowcase
Original ideas for his and her pillowcase
Original ideas for his and her pillowcase
Original ideas for his and her pillowcase

If you are a married man or just a man living with your girlfriend and is used to spending cold winter days watching television with a hot mug of coffee, then you can surely gift yourselves an adorable set of coffee mugs from His and Hers that is surely going to make a sweet impression on her.

Similarly, you can gift yourselves a set of pillow cases that tells a story, especially if you are newly married or newly living together. This charming set of pillow cases are also from His and Hers.

There is another Valentine’s Day gift idea that might interest you if you want to present your girlfriend a piece of jewelry. The best piece of jewellery to get her for Valentine’s Day would be a piece of heart shaped pendant. Although the internet and shops are filled with many heart shaped lockets, it is best if you research a little and get her one that will match her taste and mood. I recently found a charming locket that has intricate patterns as a filler of the heart of the pendant that would make a very feminine gift for your girlfriend. There is another that I found, that is a bit brazen and would require the girl to be a bit unconventional to wear it, but a very fine find: the ruby heart that represents the heart that loves. 

A more romantic touch

However, if you want to make the Valentine’s night special with a present in the morning and a surprise in the evening, then you should definitely present your girlfriend with a sexy lingerie of your choice and surprise her with a themed bedroom atmosphere which you can do by getting purple, red or gold satin bed sheets and finish it off with smooth smelling perfumed candles, like the Apple cinnamon flavoured candles or the very Asian Indian ones.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for women
Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for women

Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife or a special girl in your life:

Below is a list of V Day gift ideas that you can pick from depending on what you know of the lady in question and how well you know her:

  • Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! But flowers go well when presented on Valentine’s day with something else. A lover letter or poem or a perfectly worded valentine’s day card. Remember flowers and exquisitely boxed chocolates go hand in hand.
  • Can a girl every say no to a much coveted lingerie that the two of you can together enjoy? Of course lingerie as a V Day gift goes best when you and her are already in a relationship or at least on a teasing basis.
  • Perfume. Perfumes have been the symbol of love and passion from times immortal. Try and find out her favourite brand if not her exact favourite perfume. Wrap it nicely, add that extra bow and slide the gift to her on a romantic dinner or lunch.
  • If your woman is a lover of makeup then pamper her! Get her the most sophisticated brand of lipstick and nail polish in colours like Red, Hot Pink and Maroon. You can get makeup sets at Sephoras, pick classy makeup items at MAC or Urban Decay.

Pamper your woman in the bath on a special occasion
Pamper your woman in the bath on a special occasion | Source
  • Does your lady friend like to pamper herself in the bath? Give her all she needs to make her bath time a time to pamper herself in style and luxury, excite all her senses. Get her scented candles or aroma burners with relaxing essential oils, luxurious bath robe sets, set of bath bubbles, bath oil and lotion. To make this gift even more intimate and if you are after romance and relaxation yourself then prepare the bathroom with all the items you have purchased and enjoy it together after a romantic dinner.

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You and Me key ring. Adorable gift
You and Me key ring. Adorable gift
You and Me key ring. Adorable gift
  • Some girls have the heart of a child forever and will always appreciate a cute cuddly teddy bear over and above any other sexy gift. If your girl is one of those mischievously girly types get her a heart melting giant soft toy.
  • Is she the emotional type who loves a personal touch and meaningful things in life rather than mindless spending for the sake of spending on gifts? Then fulfill her emotional heart by giving gifts that will remind her of you all the time, for e.g. a key ring that is like two pieces of puzzle saying “You” “Me” as shown in the photograph on the left. Maybe you could print that most favourite couple picture of you two on a mug if she is a tea or coffee person. Many websites will do that kind of custom made mug for you. Personalized girls are one of my favourite and indeed the cutest thing a guy can do for a girl.
  • Are diamonds truly a girl’s best friend? Well most girls won’t turn away from an exquisite piece of diamond jewellery. If you don’t want to confuse her into thinking that you are proposing her on Valentine’s day then stay clear of diamond finger rings. Get her maybe a diamond pendant or ear studs.
  • Does she love handbags? If you know her favourite handbag brands then it would be easy for you to buy her Valentine’s present but if you are unsure then you can pick from Michael Kors collection of tote bags and if your budget is not a factor you can go for Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior or Burberry hand bags. One advice though, if you are short on budget go for something cheaper but do not make the mistake of buy fake or second hand branded items for your girl, wife or lover on this special occasion.
  • Order half a dozen customized cup cakes, get her favourite snacks, her favourite drink and celebrate the evening together watching a romantic movie followed by home delivered dinner (which of course you should have pre-planned and ordered in advance).

Remember, it’s best not to get her sunglasses, dresses and shoes unless you know her exact size and taste. Even then it is very difficult to pick sunglasses as it looks different on different face cut.

Romantic Gift ideas for your girl on Valentine's Day

Although there is no end to the list of Valentine’s day gift ideas, I will tell you this: get something that will make an impression on her. I would be just as happy or more with a bunch of red roses and a customized song written just for me as another might appreciate a flawless diamond ring. Also remember, a box of assorted chocolates with any gift never hurts!

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    • K Kiss profile image

      K Kiss 4 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      Sudha thanks for taking the time out and reading it. much appreciated :)

    • profile image

      Sudha 4 years ago

      As usual loved reading your article and that also taking out some time from working n reading few of them :)

      The history bit is interesting and fun to read

      Lots of love :)

    • K Kiss profile image

      K Kiss 7 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      thanks floating mind... I know that the gift ideas are a bit one sided...but to tell you the truth .. I find it very difficult to come up with gift ideas for men other than the ordinary shirts, perfume and electronic gadgets!

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 7 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Nice hub. I was unaware of the various historys associated with Valentine's Day. Good information, though a bit one sided. How about what a girl can gift to a boy on Valentine's Day (other than sex). Guys like gifts too!

    • thecelt profile image

      thecelt 8 years ago

      Did you know that it's believed that the remains of St. Valentine's are believed to rest in a church in Whitefriar St. in Dublin, Ireland (where I live)?