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How to Stop Loving Someone

Updated on October 29, 2012

Loving someone can indeed make your world go round. That someone can be your girlfriend or boyfriend, crush and even your best friend.

On your girlfriend or boyfriend - You may yield and wield the axe on your relationship if you feel like she doesn’t love you anymore, cheated you or choose another over you. This can be a painful stage for you but is of essence to move on, not necessarily to save your skin but to give yourself a chance to have a more fruitful and satisfying relationship in the days to come.

Here are some tips on how to stop loving your girlfriend or boyfriend:

Cut the lines of communications (phone calls, text messaging and online chatting), this is the most difficult and painful part but you need to get over this though.

It is okay reminisce the memorable days for the first few months, but after this stage try to forget the guy or the lady. Thinking him/her often will just make you very lonely and it will be very difficult to move on.

Engage in a new hobby or sport to keep you busy and in top shape. This will ease out loneliness.

Spend some time with your family, friends and colleagues. If you have chance to enjoy, go and grab it. Outings and other engaging activities will keep you going and will further enjoy even if you are lonely.

Get rid of the things that will just make you reminds of him/her. Return the gifts and other items that were given to you by your ex. Doing this will help eased out pain in your heart.

Get busy with your present job or studies.

Find new friends, who knows, one of them will make your heart beat and help you eased out the pain of the past in the coming days.

For girls. After few months of sorrow and heartache, why not entertain your suitors and give yourself another chance to love. But see to it that you already learned your lessons well. Opt for someone that loves you with all his heart and you love very much too.

For boys. It is useless getting sad, why not just find a girl that you are more deserving of. Common give yourself a break and time to love.

How to stop loving your crush

C’mon we live in a real world, if your crush already loved someone, committed and already married; it is about time to move on. The feeling of love for your crush may not be true and can be just an infatuation. Stop daydreaming and imagining now!

If you are a girl, why not entertain one of your suitors who possess the attributes, and who knows the love you yearn for will eventually grow and sparkle with him like no other.

If you are a boy, why not divert your attention to other girls that you sense has special feelings and has most of the traits you are looking. Give yourself a break will yah!

Here are tips on how to stop loving your best friend

  • Cut the communications lines. Stay away, you will not die anyway doing this.
  • You need to keep going, get rid of the great moments you had with your friend they are poisoned anyway with bad deeds and motives. It is just not worth it.
  • Find other worthwhile friends.
  • Find a new hobby, activity or sports to get busy with.
  • Develop new skills or concentrate further with your work, these will help you pull through and at the same time boost your ability to earn more income.

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I hope this helps in a way.

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