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How to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You - What Their Eye Movement Shifting Indicates

Updated on March 19, 2012

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Telling if someone is lying is not as hard as you might think. When accessing certain parts of one's memory, automatic reflex's in the brain cause the eyes to look in different directions.  These automatic eye movements are called Visual Accessing Cues. Below I will show you which each eye movement means and how you can use this knowledge to tell if someone is lying to you.


Up and to the Left

When someone looks up and to the left, this is the visual accessing cue for visually constructed imagery. This means someone is visualizing how something would look and it is a sure fire sign they are making it up and lying to you.  If you asked someone to visualize a pink elephant dancing in circles, this is the eye movement they would make.


Up and to the Right

Looking up and to the right is the visual accessing cue for visually remembered images.  If you asked someone what their father's smile looked like, this is the eye movement they'd make.  Most of the time, when someone makes this eye movement, you can rest assured they are telling the truth.


To the Left

Looking to the left is the visual accessing cue for auditory constructed.  If you were to ask someone how a homosexual werewolf would sound when it was growling, this is the eye movement you would see them make.  It indicates they are trying to imagine in their mind how something would sound and is usually indicative the person is lying, if they make this eye movement while responding to a question.


To the Right

Shifting one's eye movements to the right is the visual accessing cue for auditory remembered.  If you were to ask someone how the sound of their brother's voice sounded, this is the eye movement they'd make.  When someone makes this eye movement in response to a direct question, they are normally being honest.


Down and to the Left

Looking down and to the left is the visual accessing cue for feeling and kinesthetic memories.  When you ask someone out the sensation of touching velvet feels, this is the eye movement they are likely to make, and once again, it means they are most likely in fact telling the truth.


Down and To the Right

This is the final visual accessing cue and it is linked to internal dialogue.  When you are talking to yourself, this is the eye movement that naturally occurs.  This is also a sign of telling the truth, as it usually indicates a person sorting through their memory and walking themselves through what happened in the past.

To use the above information, simply look closely for eye shifting movements to the left or up and to the left.  These are the two eye movements that strongly indicate someone is making something up or lying to you.

An additional note I'd like to point out is that left handed people's visual accessing cues are reversed.  Therefore, if a left handed person looked to the right or up and to the right, that would indicate they are most likely lying.


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    • applecsmith profile image

      Carrie Smith 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      This is a great hub, very easy to understand but still full of information. Thanks for posting! Voted up and useful

    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      It was a Fox program, but I think it's been canceled unfortunately. But you can catch a few episodes on Hulu.

    • jaredbangerter profile image

      jaredbangerter 6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you for the positive feedback, Pwalker. :] Nope, I have not seen that. Sounds like something I'd definitely be interested in though. What channel does it come on?

    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub. I'll have to be on the lookout for those cues now when I'm talking to people.

      Have you seen the tv program, Lie to Me? They used a lot more than visual cues to tell if people were lying. I loved that show!

      Rated up and useful.