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First Impressions - Assess Your Partner Through First Impressions

Updated on November 20, 2010

The first impression.

How people look, dress, talk and move can always provide clues about their s*xual performance. Even how they decorate their home can also give you a hint at life in the bedroom with them. I have heard that the most crucial period in an encounter between two people is the first four or five minutes. The first impression formed during this time will tend to persist and may be reinforced even by observations of later behavior. In those first four to five minutes of meeting a new person, we normally make judgments about their character, personality, intellect, habits and even talents. We also simply decide whether or not we like the person. The way we view people and observe their looks and clothes will also cause us to view their behavior as sexual partners.

Our very own prejudices make us see attractive people as more s*xually warm and responsive than unattractive people. Good-looking men and women are more desirable because they are more likely to elicit sexual response from us and so we assume that they will be good in bed.

One can easily assess a s*xual partner by their first impression of:

1. The clothes they wear.

The initial contact with other people is eye to body. What one chooses to wear is important as this creates their first impression to new people they meet. Clothes reveal something about our income, status, occupation and personality. They can help one to estimate a potential partner’s behavior in bed but men have a problem in doing this than women. This is not because men are less sensitive than women but because women have an ability of changing their style of clothes. It can be very difficult to tell a woman’s status or occupation by her mode of dressing but one can always try.

A woman in jeans can be boyish and companionable, one in a mini skirt may be s*xy and the one in a smart suit may be business like and sometimes unapproachable. For both s*xes, sloppy dressers can make enthusiastic lovers and tend to be quick learners hence they always get to know how to treat their partners in bed. As for obsessively neat dressers, they do not perform badly in bed as long as they can set the time and preferably the place.

2. The body language.

People who are active with many non-verbal movements are considered warm, affectionate, good lovers, considerate in bed, unselfish and energetic. Those who are mainly calm can be cold, selfish and concerned with their own pleasure. People who are very expressionless and immobile in their body language may be afraid of what they may reveal. They are more likely to cut off the visual aspect of lovemaking completely, by only making love in the dark and refusing to undress until the lights are off.

3. The pattern of their voice.

No matter what our words are, the emotion behind them carries a message. Long pauses between our words can indicate that we are slow to arouse but unstoppable once we get going while too short a pause indicates coldness and indifference. A slow talker indicates a mature and sensitive lover but too slow a talker indicates someone with complete lack of interest in sex.

Although the three above tips may not fully give you an idea of how you can evaluate a partner s*xually even before you have landed in bed, it is important that you give it some thought as you get to know the person you have your eyes on as your future husband or wife.


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    • mintinfo profile image

      mintinfo 8 years ago

      Another interesting and insightful hub.