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How To Impress A Woman On A First Date

Updated on August 16, 2009

I've done lots of dating articles, but I've realized that there are a few things which have gone unmentioned, for one reason or another. Tips that any man can make use of, and tips that he should make use of. They're simple, don't worry. Some might even call them obvious, but they're not moves that most, or even many, men make on a regular basis. Which is a shame, as they greatly increase your odds of getting another date.

1. Teach Her Something

Most emotionally and mentally secure women love it when a man teaches them how to do something they couldn't otherwise do. Hell, some of us will pretend we don't know how to pump gas ourselves, just to get you sidling up behind us with some impromptu assistance. Cos, um, we like that kind of thing. What can you teach her? Here are a few ideas -- just make sure she's not already better than you at whichever you choose!

  • Teach her to shoot pool
  • Teach her to bat (batting cages)
  • Teach her to shoot
  • Teach her to play poker

2. Pick Her Up

By this I mean pick her up in your car. I love it when a man picks me up and drives me round. I especially love it if he's driving a stick -- very sexy, watching a man shift. (Don't ask!) This is far preferable to having her pick you up. That just skews the dynamic for the rest of the date. Don't take a back seat; lead. And lead from the start. She can pick you up on the second date -- the first date driving should be done by you.

3. Bring Her Flowers

American men do not do this enough; y'all act like flowers are too big a deal to be given to a woman you've just met. In fact, y'all make such a big deal out of it, that getting flowers actually becomes a big deal. It shouldn't be a big deal at all. It should be standard. European men rarely go on a date without picking up at least one flower on the way. And it doesn't have to be roses. It could be a tulip for all we care. It could be a handpicked dandelion! We like flowers! I get flowers from total strangers in Europe, for God's sake. Pick up a flower or two and she'll be pleasantly surprised.

4. Be Attentive

Few men are truly attentive. You listen, you pay attention to a degree, but you're not really attentive. If you really want to impress a woman on a first date, be genuinely, super duper duper attentive. What does this mean? It means order her another drink before the one she's drinking is totally gone. It means open the car door and the door of the venue for her. It means look into her eyes when she's talking, or when she's talking to you. Basically, be a man and not a boy -- but don't coddle or make a big fuss. Being attentive does not mean be a doormat, it just means show your interest all night, as opposed to just the part when you're trying to score a goodnight... um... kiss. I once went on a date with a man who was so unbelievably attentive that I still have to smile when I think about it.

5. Pick Up The Tab

I did an article on this already, and my opinion remains the same -- the man should pay for the first date. I don't care who asked who. And a real man doesn't sit there and ask how she wants to deal with the bill. A man simply signals for the check and takes care of it. If you're on date with a woman who throws a hissy over this very chivalrous, and very considerate act, you're on a date with an insecure nutter. Next time you go out, take me, instead.


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