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How to attract a woman like no other ;)

Updated on April 30, 2015


With my experience and knowledge, I am going to show you how to attract a woman like no other! Through these steps and key-points, you will know how, and if you apply.. Attract women like no tomorrow. It will be like you're living in a daze.

Little about me:

To show you all I know what I'm talking about, allow me to tell you a small story.

My whole life I have been amazing with women, usually they always came to me. Through a big pit-fall in my life, I had lost my confidence and basically forgot everything I knew about women, this sucked. But years later, I had stumbled upon the art of attraction and it revamped my skill making me exceed! How I was before. With this, I had the skill and dated A 30 YEAR OLD WOMAN at 18 years old.

(Recently had actual photo with her but had to remove due to quality purposes).

First Steps

If you are here and are serious about wanting women to be attracted to you, than I fully encourage you to go through my Social Improvement Program. High communication skills is a vital part in attracting women, you can start here,

First thing you HAVE to do is, cut the crap. There is no such thing as finding the right woman and I am sorry to say, but you have been brain-washed by tv/movies. Hey, I was too, so I can't blame you, but this is the truth and "love" is to be grown upon with any woman. If you have any crush or love for a girl and you have messaged her and she hasn't responded to you for months, realize that is not "the one". You are stuck in your head about her when she has long gone. Right now, you must get over it to start your new life. -Continue reading.


Confident Plateau

How you're going to attract a girl mainly leads to one thing. TO LOVE YOURSELF.

When you love yourself, you are fully confident. There is not one flaw in you that you are insecure about because you fully love it. When this happens, no thoughts of anyone can affect you.

How you're going to love yourself is to learn to look at yourself in the mirror and fully appreciate you. Instead of looking at your "flaws" and what you could change, learn to love it!

For instance, "I have a really big nose".

"Hey I love this big nose, I can make jokes about it to make girls laugh".

Interaction with girl: Don't make me lie to you, if I lie, my nose will get bigger.

She knows that you are acknowledging that you have a big nose and are not insecure with it. Rather, you are CONFIDENT with the fact.

ANYTHING in life can work in your advantage, it's just up to you to change your thinking. So your first step is to fully love yourself and if you fully love yourself, you have the main key-element in attract women into your life.


  • Instead of complimenting her, tease her
  • Don't brag, simply stay calm
  • Smile and make eye contact



Next step is assertiveness. Many people think of assertiveness as ordering, but this isn't the case.

To be assertive, simply means to be confident in your decision. If you were just ordering people around, you would be a negative man no one would want to be around. Would you want to be ordered around?

How you're going to be assertive is to start being confident in your decisions. When you're with a group of people and someone asks what should we do, state what you want to do.

You: Let's go to the the movies.

Majority: Nah let's stay here.

You: No, I want to go to the movies, let's go.

Right here, you are asserting yourself and stating what you want to do. You see, that first plateau is very important, because that love is your confidence, which is going to make you have the courage to do this. But remember, DO NOT be a boss. If they continue to say they want to stay either make a joke, "You guys suck" or just calm down and wait, you already asserted yourself as far as you can go without starting to make yourself look like a jerk, well done.

How good are you with woman?

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Take this poll, polls are fun for the users and give a great insight on everyone else, partake if you wish :).

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Last step you need to fully attract a woman is to "lead" her.

Many men in this society are afraid to talk to women and become basically.. Losers.

It is in mans nature to lead a woman and a woman's to be leaded. This is why they search for a man who can protect them, make them laugh, and who are comfortable with themselves, because these are all the key-points a woman looks for in a man. In the society we have today, it is backwards and man lost his place, it's time to claim that place back.

How you're going to lead a woman is to be confident in your decisions and to take her into your world. When you want to do something, "lead" her.

You with woman: ("Excitedly") let's go through the sprinklers

Woman: Nooooo

You: Yess! ("Takes her hand") runs through.

You's had fun and now you have lead her! You can use this in any situation, just remember what I said, do not become bossy with it. If a woman persists and is in a bad mood, you can sense it. This is usually the key-pointer to NOT GO FURTHER, but to listen to her. "Hey what's wrong".

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Reason For Making This Article

Alright my men, I posted this for you's because I think it is important for every man to feel good about himself, and find a woman that he loves. Also, just to have fun in life and have that feel again of being attractive. I really hope this has helped you as it has helped me dramatically. All the best to you's :)

© 2013 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • petepr profile image

      No Name 4 years ago from No Where

      The Kimmel jokes were funny, he's so talented. Also the part about the guy choosing a girl's school. The revealing about PickUp artists was cool, I didn't know about that.

    • PoeticPhilosophy profile image

      PoeticPhilosophy 4 years ago from Canada

      Haha what's funny about that petepr, he tested "The game" on her and it prevailed :).

    • petepr profile image

      No Name 4 years ago from No Where

      yeh, vid is funny man.

    • PoeticPhilosophy profile image

      PoeticPhilosophy 4 years ago from Canada

      Thank you movies :)

    • moviesreviews profile image

      Billy Taylor 4 years ago from NY

      Many useful tips on how to attract the opposite sex. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your hubs.