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Dealing With An emotional Manipulator And Knowing What To Do!

Updated on July 28, 2011


Emotional Manipulator

How do you really know if you are with or know an emotional manipulator. When you start doubting yourself and you feel like, why am I feeling this way about this person. This person is sooo wonderful how could he or she be like this. Great question when you feel all twisted and don't know exactly what the truth is and you deny what you know. That's the first clue. An emotional manipulator is so good at twisting the truth, you have no idea what the truth is. It can be so exhausting and invalidating. People who are honest and ethical will be hit the hardest by an emotional manipulator. It is hard for them because they want to believe they are being told the truth.

A manipulator will target someone who is honest and ethical. This is very important. Why do they? because they can't con a con. They will slowly gain your trust over time. They come on real strong at first. This is a good sign. They want your love and trust right away. Why? Because they want you to be totally captivated by them. They don't want you to know who they really are. If your just dating and suspect this, these are the signs to look for. Charming is number one. They are extremely charming and they can seem like they are so outgoing and wonderful. They seem so perfect. They want to please you. They don't want you to know the real person they are. This is a person who has an artificial personality. Not everyone who is charming is a manipulator, but it is one of the signs I will mention.

The charm is very overwhelming. Another is this person is very insecure and controlling. They want to know every where you go and who you are with at all times. You may think its flattering at first, but trust me it is all about control. They want to control you. This person also will love to be critical of everyone and everything. They love to listen about gossip and lies.They make a good impression when you meet them. Did you ever here of Ted Bundy ? he was a master manipulator and murderer. Yes , I hate to tell you this but his type of person can be capable of murder. You don't cross this person in anyway shape or form. They can be capable of anything. Another sign is their motion is slow. What do I mean by this it takes them a while to excute projects or they are a little slow to work with.

This type of personality is very intelligent, they have a lot of resentment towards something of the past. They may even talk about the past quite often. This personality also has no control of reason or emotions. They use sly means of controlling others. You will not know right away if you are with this type of person. My suggestion is you can study personality and traits. The more you study, the more you will know and will be able to decide for yourself if you should continue the relationship. If you suspect you are, it will be very hard to break it off with this person use extreme caution. Do not underestimate who you are dealing with. They will eventually abuse you either emotionally or physically. It is all about control. I call this type of person an emotional vampire they will suck the life right out of you.

Seek out an abuse support group or spirtual advisor. Don't make excuses for them that's exactly what they want. You will hear over and over how sorry they are. Make the right choice and keep your sanity. Do not let this person continue to invalidate you.

God bless,



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