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How to express your love: Expressing love for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or family

Updated on May 28, 2013

How to express love? Don't wait for special occasions like birthdays and anniversary if you want to express your love, feelings and innermost emotions in words or actions. True love can only be expressed in an extraordinary way when it is expressed on an ordinary day. This post shares ideas about the different ways in which you can express your love for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Some of them can also be used to express your love for your family members including mom, dad, son, daughter, brother or a sister.

Break out from your usual good morning and goodnight text message routine. Send romantic text messages at random times to express your love.
Break out from your usual good morning and goodnight text message routine. Send romantic text messages at random times to express your love. | Source

1) Randomly timed text messages

Everyone seems to be in the habit of expressing love to their loved ones in text messages that are timed to cliché perfection. For instance a girlfriend may be used to flirting with her boyfriend by text message and saying I Love You to him at bedtime while kids are used to expressing their love for their dads just on Father's Day or on their birthdays.

You can make an ordinary love-filled text message extraordinary simply by sending it at a random time. Don't wait for bedtime, anniversaries and birthdays. A randomly timed text message which expresses love has the power to bring out those elusive tears of happiness that roll down a loved one's cheeks without any reason.

2) Love messages on sticky notes

Sticky notes have more important applications that span beyond reminders, phone numbers and other work related uses. Sticky notes or Post-in notes are unassumingly flirty, warm, surprising and delightful when it comes to finding simple yet amazing ways to express your love.

A husband can stick up a romantic message on a Post-it on his wife's car window while a wife can leave a flirty sticky note in her husband's briefcase. A girlfriend can draw a big wink and a flirty kiss on a note to stick it at the back of her boyfriend's iPhone while a boyfriend can stick a Post-it on his girlfriend's backpack.

3) The Twenty Dollar Gift: Expressing love with everyday gifting

The whole concept of gifting has been blown out of proportion in popular culture. Every gift does not need to be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. People who love each other need to start embracing the idea of everyday gifting and one of the easiest way to do that is to look out for The Twenty Dollar Gift.

Express your love for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, son or daughter every once in a while by giving them a small gift. It can be something as silly as a candy bar, something as romantic as a single rose or even something as geeky as a cute flash drive for a tech loving boyfriend. You will be amazed at the range of gifting options you have for even less than twenty dollars.

The Twenty Dollar Gift: Cheap gifting ideas to express your love

  • Cheap imitation jewelry pieces
  • Cute stationary items
  • Fashion accessories
  • Food items like chocolates, cupcakes
  • Flowers, real or fake
  • Paid app downloads
  • Bath and beauty products
  • Glassware, drinkware accessories or single cutlery pieces
  • Cell phone accessories
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Video game downloads
  • Showpieces, bedside table pieces
  • Photo frames
  • Movie DVDs
  • Books or e-books

4) Handmade cards made from paper, cardstock or cardboard

The notion of writing an I Love You message on a card that is bought off a store shelf is highly overrated. The routine of going to the store, browsing through various categories of greeting cards, choosing the one you like and finally writing a message on it has a distinctively formal vibe. Such elaborate expressions are best left for anniversaries and birthdays.

Special occasions come only a couple of times every year but you will need to express your love all year round. It is a myth that you need to be creative to make a handmade card. All you need is a blank piece of paper and a few colored pens.

Draw smiley faces, write some of the reasons why you fell in love, tell that person how beautiful or handsome they are, write something funny or you can even write a love-filled poem. Your loved one is not going to score your card out of ten but instead, will be smitten by the fact that you made an effort to express your love.

Share long and intimate hugs with your loved one to express your love.
Share long and intimate hugs with your loved one to express your love.

5) Nothing but hugs: Long and tight hugs at random moments

A long hug is a powerful expression of love and care. It has the power to soothe tense nerves, calm rising tempers, ease worried minds and communicate what words cannot.

Ask any wife how she would feel if her husband greeted her with a long five minute hug when he comes home from work. She will feel like the luckiest wife in the whole world to have a husband who forgets his troubles at works to hug his wife and feel the warmth of marriage.

Giving someone a hug randomly and holding on tightly to them will instantly make them feel loved. This tender moment will convey your love and you won't even have to speak a single word or emote a single expression. All you need to do is stand, hold your arms out and embrace your loved one tightly.

6) Love letters or long romantic emails

Their medium and form may have changed, but love letters are definitely not out of vogue. The magic of a handwritten letter is irreplaceable but you can choose to write an email if writing letters by hand does not appeal to you.

Writing by itself is considered to be very therapeutic. Reading on the other hand is extremely pleasurable. Writing a love letter or typing out a long romantic email will give you the chance to vent and pour out all your feelings. Your loved one will get a chance to sit on the couch with a warm beverage and enjoy the feeling of smiling when no one else is in the room as he or she reads your love letter.

7) Wear a matching jewelry piece

Matching jewelry pieces can become a constant reminder of your love. Matching jewelry pieces can include bracelets, pendants and even rings.

Men who are cautious about looking girly with matching jewelry pieces can opt for more macho looking tungsten or titanium rings. Pendants are also a good option because they will remain hidden under shirts and t-shirts.

8) Intimacy: Expressing love by physical intimacy

Physical intimacy has always remained a core and basic form of human expression in love. Intimacy is a passionate way to express love in a romantic relationship.

Couples, especially husbands and wives who find themselves drowning under mortgage payments, hectic work schedules and parental responsibilities, should use physical intimacy as a way of expressing love for each other.

Express your love on special occasions with special gifts.
Express your love on special occasions with special gifts.

9) Expensive gifts to express love on special occasions

The main purpose of expressing love on a daily basis is to convey feelings. But the act of expressing love on special occasions like milestone birthdays and relationship anniversaries needs to be a tangible acknowledge of love.

Celebrate your love on such special occasions by buying expensive gifts. The term 'expensive' is relative so you must consider the size and depth of your wallet before splurging out. Suit your budget and pick from a wide range of expensive gifting ideas.

  • Designer clothing
  • High-end fashion accessories
  • Top brand fragrances
  • Gadget and cell phones
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod
  • Household appliances
  • Medium to high-end jewelry pieces
  • Expensive watches
  • High value gift cards
  • Luxurious beauty products

10) Cuddling endlessly: Long and silent cuddles

Take a nap on Sunday afternoon by cuddling with your loved one on the couch. You and your loved one will wake up to the sight of each others' sun kissed faces. Try this once and you will realize that this silent form of expressing love and togetherness is more precious than any other feeling in the world.

Make the most of expressing your love by cuddling in winter. It is one of the little pleasures of life to curl up in a blanket on the couch with a loved one and taking a nap on a chilly winter afternoon.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Expressing love toward your partner is not always easy your tips make it feel so much easier.