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Why people fall in love: Reasons why two people fall in love

Updated on April 13, 2013
Why do people fall in love?
Why do people fall in love? | Source

Why do people fall in love? Why do best friends fall in love? Can you fall in love at first sight? Why is falling in love so common? What makes two people fall in love with each other even if they don't want to fall in love? Why do people fall in love after sleeping with each other? Find simple answers to these complicated questions as this post looks at some of the most common reasons why a guy and girl fall in love.

1) Attraction by looks: Love at first sight

Love at first sight, is a phrase that is loosely thrown around but it could be the reason why two people fall in love. Situations like these are typically portrayed in romantic movies where a guy catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman and she looks back. Their eyes get fixated and both feel like they have been waiting their entire lives just for this magical moment.

Falling in love at first sight is primarily driven by physical attraction that is so strong, that nothing else ever matters. The couple may very well exchange numbers, start dating and enter into a long term relationship.

2) Falling in love after sleeping with each other

Traditionally, it is supposed to be the other way round. However it is a fact that love can be a result of the feelings a guy or girl develops after getting physically intimate with someone.

A couple may find themselves dating each other after getting physically intimate at a party, friend's place or hooking up while having drinks after office. This is when the effects of a good personality and genuine character can come into play once they have already slept together.

Chances of all such encounters evolving into love are likely to be less. A meaningless one night stand may in fact deter someone from falling in love.

Best friends who hang out with each other can fall in love at some point down the line.
Best friends who hang out with each other can fall in love at some point down the line.

3) Best friends falling in love: Familiarity and comfort levels can make people fall in love

Sometimes people fall in love with each other just because they are in each others' company all the time and know one another inside out. A classic example is when two best friends fall in love.

A guy and a girl who have been best friends since many years may know each others' secrets, be familiar with each others' habits, be comfortable in each others' company and could even have seen each other naked by chance.

This can give rise to a situation where the guy and girl are unable to find the level of comfort and familiarity that they have with each other, with anyone else. This could prompt them to believe that they both make perfect partners.

4) Falling in love as a result of emotional dependency

A girl may fall in love with a guy, or vice versa, if she depends on him for all her emotional needs. She could be calling him for a pep talk when she has a fight with her friends, argues with her mom, fails a tests, gets reprimanded by the boss or for other activities in her daily life.

This sort of emotional dependence can create a situation where the girl sees the guy as her one and only emotional outlet. As time goes on, the feeling of emotional dependency could transform into feelings of love and care.

5) People may fall in love because they see a future together

Two people can fall in love simply because they see a future together. Consider the classic example of a man and a woman in their late thirties. Both of them have never been married and are trying hard to settle down with someone. They meet at a common friend's birthday party, hook up and find it only logical to date each other. Dating soon evolves into a serious relationship and they both decide to get married.

People who fall in love just because they see a long term future with someone are likely to be the types who like to think rationally. They may even use logic to come to a conclusion that they see a partner as a potential long term partner.

6) Help during tough times: People can fall in love when they are helped

Love could be a result of one person helping another in times of need. For example, a girl may fall in love with a guy who saved her from a robbery assault or a guy may fall in love with a girl who asked her friend not to bully him.

People are ideally in awe of anyone who helps them through a difficult situation. They feel secure with that person and trust them a lot too. This can make them fall in love with that person.

Wealth, materialistic pleasure and the lure of a perfect and idyllic lifestyle may be why people decide to be together.
Wealth, materialistic pleasure and the lure of a perfect and idyllic lifestyle may be why people decide to be together.

7) Falling in love with materialism: Loving someone's wealth

Sometimes people unknowingly fall in love with a person's wealth and all the materialistic pleasures that go with it. For example, a woman may unintentionally be impressed by a guy who appears rich and lives in a multi-million dollar beach house in Malibu.

Contrary to popular perception, there may be not a single ounce of malice in the girl's heart. She may very well develop genuine and honest feelings of love after initially being impressed by the display of wealth.

8) Merit based love: Falling in love with a person's skills and talents

People can fall in love with someone's skills and talents as opposed to their character and personality. For example, a girl may fall in love with a guy just because he is an excellent guitar player and is a part of a very famous band.

The fundamentals of such an attraction are typically based on elements like skill, intelligence, talent and ability. Personality, character and looks get second priority.

9) Falling in love as a result of low self-esteem

Someone can fall in love because they have a very low self-esteem. For example, a girl may fall in love with a guy simply because he is the only one who talks to her in class. She can be impressed by him despite knowing that he does not have the characteristics that she would ideally look for in a boyfriend.

This scenario can be a result of the girl having very low self-esteem and believing that she may never get to be with someone unless she falls in love with the only available option.

10) Falling in love the usual way: Attraction and dating progressing to a long term relationship

People who fall in love the usual way typically begin dating each other after the guy asks a girl out or vice versa. The couple begin enjoying each others' company and start seeing each other on a more mature level after the first few dates.

Feelings of attraction can transform into love once both get to know each other in a better way. Once they fall in love, the course of their relationship is in their hands.


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    • vandynegl profile image

      vandynegl 4 years ago from Ohio Valley

      Very interesting and I like how you mentioned the so many ways people can fall in love. My favorite is the love at first sight, of course, I like to dive into fantasy land a lot! Thanks for sharing!

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 4 years ago from Northern California

      I think the love at first sight idea is fascinating. It is a romantic notion and you are right, so powerful and compelling. Not long ago I met "the guy of my dreams". I went home, thought about it, and decided it was just physical attraction and did not proceed.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      This is a very useful and interesting hub, and you have hit on the main reasons why I think people fall in love. When people get older, it seems they are attracted more by their friendship and the possibility of being companions in their later years. Voted up and sharing with followers.

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 4 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      This hub is very interesting, never heard it put quite this way before. Voted up and across.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Two people fall in love after they find something about the other person that makes them feel good. An informative hub about two people falling in love, the love that makes them feel great.