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How to find that special love

Updated on May 6, 2010

Finding that love

I will try in this blog to answer some question on how to find that special person. This can not be done in one blog so after reading this please feel free to ask me question on this subject. First off you have to look into your self and be honest about what type of person you are.It really help if you are confident in your self,when you meet someone you can't be whining about everything,try standing up straight,smile,a make eye contact,and the most important thing is to be REAL.There are a lot of place you can go to meet someone I will name a few,Church is a good starting point if yo don't attend church you can try political campaigns,health clubs,dances,grocery store(this is a hot spot)bus stop,laundromats,cruises,and sporting events.So of the bad places to meet a person are,the office,bars,online,single dances,and singles weekends.This is just the tip of the iceberg,there are many many other things to take into account,if you have any further question let me know. Good luck


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