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How to keep a man happy and content.

Updated on April 8, 2012

Ways of Keeping a man satisfied and happy while keeping away outsiders to your relationship.

Men are known to stray; men are viewed as some human beings that lack control over their own bodies and minds. In actual sense it is the women’s fault when their men stray. It is true that a woman cannot put her man on a lease and tag him along everywhere she goes, but it is a fact that the woman has strong powers to keep the man happy and satisfied by following effective ways that lead to a healthy and happy marriage thus ensuring that her family is secure and strong.

Since the days of our forefathers, it was said that the way to a man’s heart was through the stomach, bed and tongue. This meant that in order for you to have your husband for keeps and happy, you had to get to his heart through:

a. The stomach. Where you have to cook great food for him and feed him well and kill the potential desire in him to go into another woman’s kitchen and home.

b. The tongue. Using your mouth to smother your husband with sweet and endless words. Praising him, loving him and making him feel like your only hero and lover.

c. The bed. Being creative and generous in between the sheets. This is the most universally agreed effective way of making sure that your husband is happy and well satisfied.

But what are the ways in which a woman can take care of her hubby to eliminate the possibility of him seeking love elsewhere?

This question has several answers that act as effective ways of how to keep your man happy and ensure that he is content. It is worth noting that contentment is the whole issue, a man may be happy but not content and this will act as main reason for him to seek satisfaction outside. It is the responsibility of the woman to ensure that the man is happy and content in his own home and the following ways could greatly have a positive impact on any relationship. Even in cases where the husband abuses alcohol, the woman has to strategize ways to help her alcoholic husband. To strengthen, save or/and maintain a healthy relationship a woman has to:

1. Cook. Forget about ordering packed food from restaurants and serving your man, forget about hiring a house help to help you cook and cook on your own. Every man out there desires and always loves when their women take time to prepare food for them , they feel love and treasured by this act that will only cost you like one or two hours of your time.

2. Do house chores. A man feels more of a man and the head of the house if he sees his wife doing work around the house like cooking, laundry, cleaning e.t.c. it does not cost much to do some house chores but it goes a long way in making your man feel appreciated, loved and most of all feel the one in control.

3. Sex. There is no way a man can mess around outside his home if he is content with his sex life at home. Be creative in your love making sessions, ignite the romance that brought you together every now and then, this is the surest way of keeping your man happy and content.

4. Be there for him, ups and downs. Your man expects you to be there in his bad times as well as his good times. Offer him a shoulder to lean on during his low periods and share in his happiness during his high moments in life. Do not desert a man when he is at his lowest point and when he needs you more, be there for him and assure him of your presence at all times.

5. Motivation and support. In all his positive endeavors, aspirations and other activities, be there to encourage, motivate and support your man. This will take a lot of sincere and positive actions as well as words on your part but it is worth it.

6. Share his dreams. Be there in his dreams. Support him to go for his dreams, help him financially, morally and/or physically.

7. Always let your man know that he is the best. Whether you put it as flatters or genuine words, always point out to your man his positive traits and also his sexy side. It helps in boosting his morale as a man.

8. Appreciate and acknowledge his every effort. Be it buying some household stuff or dropping the kids to a park, always appreciate every little and big thing that your husband does. Never take it for granted, never say to yourself that it is his responsibility, swallow your pride and give your husband credit in every thing he does.

9. Last but not the least, get a gift for your man. It is great to reciprocate the love your man shows you by going out and getting a suitable present for him. you do not need to go out of your way to find a good gift for your man so it is very important for you as a woman to understand factors to consider when buying a present, gift for your man.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that happy families consist of happy parents. If the parents have an unstable relationship the family is vulnerable to fall into all sorts of issues. It is therefore important for every woman out there to know how to keep their family together through having a great relationship with the husband/partner. By so doing you protect the bond that brings your family together as one.


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    • profile image

      Bo 5 years ago

      Treat a REAL man right the way a lady should and that Man will Love and cherish you. Hint: it's the small things that really matter. Just laying a head on my chest makes me feel real close to my wife. She knows that. But do you think she does it? No. Some women talk a good talk, but that's all it is TALK.. TALK.. TALK.. yak yak yak. celebs. this twilight that, them ppl can care less about you, watch how much time goes into day dreaming. You can have the same Romance. #realtalk

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 6 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      i try my very hardest to not make him go astray. :-) i have to agree that it is important that a woman should follow your tips especially about touch and sex.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      Thank you happy wife for your comment.

      Am sorry that you took it that way, what i meant is that men, are the ones generally thought to cheat on their partners. But it is not all and only men who cheat, even women tend to stray and cheat.

      Am also married to one loving man and the values that you have stated are what has glued us together all those years.

      Wishing you a long lasting loving marriage.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      hi gramby. thanks for taking time to share on your views. personally, i totally understand your sentiments. I wrote this hub (how to keep a man happy) with my own relationship and marriage experience. As i said, it is not wholly upon the woman to maintain a relationship but a huge responsibility lies on her to keep her man happy and content. The same applies to men, they have a responsibuility to keep the woman happy and satisfied.

      marriage has never been easy, and it is true when you say it has to be a two way thing.

      A woman cannot always be the giver, she also needs to receive, likewise the man also needs to give in order to receive. But that is all for another hub, i mainly focussed on the little things that one could do to make a man happy. My marriage was going downhill at a fast rate, and after reading a lot of material and attending several counselling sessions, I came up with a list on what I could do to keep my man. on the other hand my hubby did the same, came up with what could make me happy and content. It took time but it really worked for us.

      Gramby, as much as you may feel out, remember that one can never be too old to play the game again. All the best n thank you.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      Thanks Steph, you have one long experience of marriage and am sure your words are out of experience and thoughtful conclusions. thankyou

    • Steph Harris profile image

      Steph Harris 6 years ago from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

      Zuriki, I have been married for twenty one years this month, and what you have said in this hub is all so true. It is mainly up to the woman to make the relationship work. If she loves her husband, as I do, then working at the relationship, by cooking good food, keeping the house clean, allowing our men to be who he is rather than trying to change him and giving your all in the physical side of the relationship, plus talking to each other and listening to your man, to his needs and wants, makes him feel important and loved. Who does not need that in a relationship, and the man will give it all back to you, most often. A very well written hub, voted up and useful.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      thanks Paula. i totally agree that it has to be a 'mutual give and take' but since men are wired differently, 60% responsibility of having a successful and satisfying relationship lies on the women's shoulders.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      thank you GracieLake.

    • PaulaHenry1 profile image

      PaulaHenry1 6 years ago from America

      Great idea in concept, but where is the mutual give and take? If a women needs to be 'everything to the man'then I am doubting the women will be happy and the man will most definetly stray anyway...(they tend to think w/ the downstairs rather than whats uptop right?)

    • GracieLake profile image

      GracieLake 6 years ago from Arizona

      Lovely ideas. Sounds good to me!