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How to make fun of people: Making fun of friends, classmates and colleagues

Updated on April 22, 2013
Tired of being made fun of? Why don't you start practicing being on the winning side of things.
Tired of being made fun of? Why don't you start practicing being on the winning side of things.

How to make fun of people who always keep picking on you? How to make fun of friends who make fun of you in school? How to make fun of work colleagues who keep mocking you? How to get back at a bully who makes fun of you? Are you tired of putting up with people making fun of you all the time? Find out how you can turn the tables and make fun of others whether it is a guy at school, girl in college or just another annoying work colleague.

1) Always associate each person with a weakness and insecurity

One of the easiest ways to make fun of people is to associate them with a weakness. It could be a fact that one of your friends is poor at math or a work colleague doesn't know how to answer the phone properly. Use their insecurity, weakness or flaw as a starting point of your verbal rant.

People who make fun of you generally start picking on your weakness so there is no reason why you should be doing the same to them. Remembering their weaknesses will arm you with something to say instantly and ridicule them without having to spend time to think of something.

2) Don't expose your own weakness

Your attempt to make fun of someone will backfire if you expose your own weakness. For example, you cannot possibly make fun of a guy for being sad after a breakup when you are yourself nursing a broken heart. Or you can't make fun of a girl for being overweight when you have weight issues yourself.

Avoid exposing your own weakness and pick something that does not come back at you like a boomerang.

3) Confidence is the key to mockery

Have you noticed one common personality trait between everyone who has ever mocked you? That is self-confidence. People make fun of someone and get away with it by showing a lot of self-confidence while doing it. High levels of confidence are also a classic trait of stand-up comedians who know that their jokes will stop sounding funny if they sound weak.

Even you should carry a confident image when you make fun of someone. Take a deep breath and let yourself loose. Stop thinking or worrying about anything else and just focus on what you have to say. Block any interruptions from others and be confident as you go on your verbal rant.

4) Take your friends' help

Always take the help of your friends when you are making fun of someone. Whenever you crack a joke about someone, look to your friends and get their approval by laughing out loud. When they laugh out with you, your joke will hurt as bad as a piercing arrow.

This is the reason why you feel bad when you feel devastated when someone makes fun of you and everyone around you laughs.

If you have decided on making fun of someone because they always keep picking on you, don't pause to think about repercussions. Show them how it feels to be on the receiving end of mockery.
If you have decided on making fun of someone because they always keep picking on you, don't pause to think about repercussions. Show them how it feels to be on the receiving end of mockery. | Source

5) Don't think too much about the repercussions

Do other people think about the repercussions when they make fun of you? Give them a taste of their own medicine by stopping yourself from thinking about the possible consequences when you make fun of them.

Reiterating the same thing in your head again and again will help you say what is in your mind without stopping to think about how someone will feel or what they will say back to you.

6) Don't act like you are trying too hard to make fun of someone

Master the art of making fun of others by being cool and calm while you do it. Don't show anger, hate or other emotions when you make fun of someone. Carry a poker face void of any expression. Only use laughter as your weapon as you say the joke.

Showing your emotions will make it apparent that you are making fun of someone to get back at them. This will allow them to get the better of you.

7) Don't lose your temper if you get a comeback

Always remember that when you are making fun of people who pick on you regularly, they have more expertise in this domain than you. Don't be surprised or angry if you get a comeback. Expect a nasty comeback that is meant to shake you up from your roots.

Don't succumb to their comeback by losing your temper or showing surprise at how nasty they can be. Calm down, be cool and appear to be unaffected by whatever they have to say. This will frustrate them more and your attempts at making fun of them will be a double whammy.

8) Make fun and walk away

Sometimes you don't need to wait to see the reaction of a person who you have made fun of. Typical situations call for you to make fun of someone in front of everyone and just walk away. This leaves little room for a comeback and you will instantly shine out as the person who got the upper hand.

For example, you spot a guy and his friends who always pick on you in college. Make fun of the guy as you walk past the group and insult them further by walking along calmly and not pausing even for a second. He will feel humiliated that you made fun of him in front of his friends without giving him the chance to come back at you.

Explaining or justifying your joke will make it loose the vital punch.
Explaining or justifying your joke will make it loose the vital punch.

9) Never try to justify or explain your joke

Your attempts at making fun of someone who picks on you will fail if you try to justify or explain your joke. You will destroy the punch of your joke if you say more than a line or two.

For example, you make fun of a friend by telling her that she doesn't have a sense of style and she comes back at you by asking you to give a few examples of times when she has worn unflattering outfits. Don't bother explaining and deliver the final blow by saying that she always wears unflattering outfits.

10) Play a prank on someone

You can make fun of someone without saying anything at all by playing a prank of them. It can be a harmless prank where you leave a fake rubber mouse below the desk of a girl in school or give a shock pen to a colleague and sit back as a funny office prank unfurls.

Funny and harmless pranks can be a good way of getting back at someone who made fun of you earlier. But don't feel bad if someone plays a prank back on you if you decide to take this route.

Making fun of others: Things to remember

1) Don't make fun of people without any reason. You will unnecessarily attract the hate of people who don't like being made fun of.

2) Always know when to stop. If you are making fun of someone because you want to get back at them for mocking you, walk away when you think you have taught them a lesson.

3) Never make fun of people with physical, mental or psychological disabilities. Disorders are a medical condition and they are not supposed to be mocked.

4) Don't make fun of others to the extent that they feel you are bullying them.

5) Always judge a situation and know when to walk away if you think that there might be a physical confrontation.


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