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5 things to do after a breakup!

Updated on September 15, 2013

Though you wouldn’t have wanted breakup to happen it has happened somehow, no matter what the reasons might have been, it could have been your fault or the other person’s fault or it could have been even the circumstances that might have led to the breakup. It is painful but never mind, if you want to know how to cope up with the breakup phase here are a few tips to follow:


Erase all the memories:

While in a relationship, we would’ve done every possible thing to stay in touch with ach other. Now it is time to undo all that we did. Yes! Unfriend or block the person from your facebook account, unfollow from twitter, delete all the conversations made from your mobile and email inbox. Another common thing that we do while in a relationship is exchanging gifts, now collect every single gift you received also the photographs if you have and burn them also flush the ash. Since burning a person’s memories from heart is not practical it is not advised (Although it is a wonderful thing to do!).

Avoid discussions about the past:

Being in a relationship is interesting and exciting so normally we get carried away by the excitement and tend to inform our friends and colleagues about our relationship (Although we don’t dare to inform our parents and family). So when our relationship breaks we are forced to inform that as well to people who know about our relation. Even if we don’t, the news of our breakup somehow gets spread. So what follows next is a formal enquiry by our friends and colleagues on what led to the breakup. Since it was us who told people about our relationship, it is naturally our responsibility to answer the questions related to our break up as well. Though it may be painful, we can’t tell them directly to mind their own business. So, just tell them softly “may be we were not made for each other and I don’t want to talk about it anymore”. Although explaining each and everyone on what led to the breakup is not a sin, it is not advisable a sit brings us back the memories which might be hurting. So, avoid discussing about the past.

Act like being happy:

It may sound strange, because acing like being happy cannot be made easy until and unless you are truly happy from inside. The idea behind acting like being happy is that it slowly becomes your habit. Initially it may be difficult cultivating this habit but once done it gives us a strong heart to tackle any kind of sad situation because life has to go on. So, what if your heart is broken inside? People always look at your face and not your heart. So always flash a smile no matter what.

Don’t be alone/idle:

“An idle mind is the devil’s playground”

Yes! Because normally when we are alone or idle we usually tend to think over things that bother us which means obviously we end up thinking our past relation. So, never sit alone. This doesn’t mean you should always be in the company of some human. Even being in the company of your pet, music, tv show or even movie can help you get rid of your loneliness. Not only things like that, just go around your home, help your mom in cooking, clean your home, water the plants in your garden and spent some quality time with your family (parents, brothers and sisters). Even simply sitting together with your family members means spending time but not quality time. quality time means talking with your family, playing with them, going for an outing together and stuffs like that. So, now its time to love your family even more. Though spending time with friends can also help, it is more advisable to spend time with family because they will make you feel even better; after all they are your own blood.

Don’t develop enmity towards relationships:

Just because your relationship ended in a breakup don’t develop enmity/hatred/anger towards relationships. Remember one thing “relationships are always beautiful, it is only the persons involved who make or break it”. So never jump into the conclusion that ‘love always hurt’,’ relationships are fake’ or any such anti relationship quotes you come across. Also don’t curse yourself and jump into the conclusion that you are not fit for relationships (though you may be the reason behind breakup). Because this is what normally happens, once people fail in a relation they are afraid to step into another relation. Of course stepping into another relation is not wrong but “what if this too fails?” this is the big fear that arises but, think the other way “what if that clicks?” So, never hesitate to enter into a new relation but do that only after taking your own time, because just to get rid of the pain caused by the broken relation people enter into another relation quickly creating another blunder. So, think as much times as you can and also take your own time before giving it a shot. Every happening in our life gives us an experience on how to deal with it the next time if it happens. So, use the experience gained in your previous relation to succeed in the new relation.



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    • suk91 profile image

      suk91 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thank you rushi! :)

    • passionate77 profile image

      passionate77 4 years ago

      hmmm very nice hub, i just got different ideas about how to heal after breakup that is always a hard time for a very sensitive heart like mine, very insightful hub, thanks for sharing so nice ideas, stay blessed dear!