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How to save a failing marriage or relationship? Forgive the spouse for infidelity?

Updated on April 19, 2015

Are you about to get married or already married and trying to work out relationship problems? Then, this small article is meant for you.I like to introduce to you few couples who passed through several hardships in their relationships, who were all set to divorce but decided to change themselves and live together.These people now help others to work on their marriage to build a holy and a loving family.

These days marriages are falling apart. According to recent statistics in US, 6 out of 10 marriages fail. One third of the children are without their father and a million children will suffer because of divorce in 2011. This is quite alarming. It is not just that the divorce rate is rising, but the marriage rate is also falling. The basic unit of a society, the family is falling apart. Our culture is also giving wrong messages to our children about how a family is defined or how a relationship should be. (if you like to read more about this, I would like to recommend a book Don't let the kids drink the kool-aid ).

Greg and Julie Alexander were at a point where they decided that a divorce was the only way out of what they thought to be a troubled marriage. A priest helped them understand the real meaning of marriage and helped restore the love that they once had for each other. They started 'The Alexander House', a non-profit apostolate dedicated to proclaiming the beauty, goodness and truth of marriage.They have helped hundreds of couples return to a happy and joy-filled marriage.

The main feature of their efforts is that they are not professional marriage counselors, but married people (with 7 kids)who had faced similar problems that many of us face in our married life. They don't give you lectures but standby your side and share their experiences. They will share with you how they overcame the difficulty and would recommend some exercises that will help you and your spouse restore the love you once had for each other. Interestingly, they had already practiced those exercises before they give it to you. So they also know the possible hurdles that you may face while practicing those exercises. If you are about to get married they will help you understand what marriage is all about, how to overcome the difficulties that you may face in a relationship (e.g infidelity or sharing work ..) and work towards a holy and a happy family.

If you are not in US and would like to get their help, they set up video conferences or skype calls to talk to you. You may feel that this doesn't work, but it did work in several cases.

If you like to learn more about their work visit their websitehere

If you like to read their book MARRIAGE 911, check the Amazon link on the right. I highly recommend this, if you like to read how they overcame the difficulties in their marriage and now living a happy and a wonderful family life.


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    • emdi profile image

      emdi 6 years ago

      The couple described in the article also were all ready to get divorced, but things changed and now they are living together. Check the website link given in this hub. You can also read about the testimonials of several other people who were able to work on their differences and live together. But you are right, it's not very easy.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      There is only one thing better than a good marriage -- that is getting out of one that is no good! ... good hub