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How to stay married when you want divorce?

Updated on June 15, 2011

How to stay married

When the economy is down and people are out of work or just getting by each month, it is going to be hard on a marriage. These times may seem even more difficult when suddenly friends and family around you are getting divorced. In many marriages there will be good times and bad times and then other times when you may just want to give up.

In the times that you want to call it quits, is when you need to focus in on your own life and see what positive changes you can make with your attitude towards your marriage .

This is a huge question especially when kids are involved. When there are no kids involved then the only people who get hurt are the two adults. When children are involved in the situation it becomes much different, because every choice that you make will affect their lives. When a child's life becomes disrupted a chain of events will occur in that child's life. The path of their life will no longer be on the same track, that track will be different.

When the children's lives are affected in a negative way, what impact will that now have on your life? So the real question remains, if I get a divorce how is that going to impact my children's life? In some situations the divorce may help to get the children out of a dangerous or a potentially harmful situation, or when one parent is just miserable all the time. On the other hand staying in a marriage just for the children is not ideal either.

What can I do to make my marriage better

When the marriage is going through a rough patch and everyone around you is getting a divorce it's time to evaluate your attitude towards your spouse. This attitude adjustment could change your life and the life of your children in a dramatic way.

Maybe your spouse is down because of the economy, or health issues, depression etc. The time to be supportive is now, change your approach towards your spouse. It is always important to remember that changing yourself is possible, but changing someone else is impossible. When we change our attitude from negative to positive the change will influence others around us.

8 things that you can do to help the marriage

Life is never static it is always changing around us and we have to change with it and adjust. When times are tough and a marriage feels hopeless, there are a few things that you can do to get you through these times.

1. View your spouse in a different light.

2. Be supportive and understanding.

3. Know that better times are ahead.

4. Take action in your life and make positive changes instead of waiting for your spouse to change.

5. Smile more and laugh more throughout your day.

6. Do something nice for your spouse.

7. Tuck your children in bed at night and pat yourself on the back for making it a better day then yesterday!!!!!!!

8. Take the time to reward yourself for making the necessary adjustment in your attitude to say in the marriage.


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    • profile image

      Arizona Sue 6 years ago

      The expression is, "Cheaper to keep her" HA!

    • profile image

      just go with it 7 years ago

      Make the little things count like

      1. Holding hands

      2. communication

      3. whispering in your spouse's ear

      4. flowers

      5. listen and pay attention

      6. Sometimes no talk at all is better than arguing

      7. Tell your partner why you love them

      8. never take them for granted

      9. never call them names in arguments sometimes you can't take it back.

      10. never go to bed mad

      11. always kiss goodnight

      I can keep going but, I don't want to bore you but, believe me the little things do count and money is not even an issue with these little things.