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How to stop feeling lonely and deal with loneliness: Never say I am lonely again

Updated on October 31, 2012
To stop feeling lonely, all you need to do is embrace your life for what it is. Find the people and things that keep you happy and occupied.
To stop feeling lonely, all you need to do is embrace your life for what it is. Find the people and things that keep you happy and occupied. | Source

If you find yourself saying 'I am feeling lonely' time and again, look for ways to stop feeling lonely before loneliness turns into sadness and depression. Whether the feeling of being lonely is being driven by a breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend, divorce with your wife or husband, inability to cope up with holiday stress, fallout with your friends, social anxiety or simply the fact that you are alone and single - rummage through this post for ideas on how to deal with loneliness.

1) Send text messages to friends with whom who you have been out of touch

There are little better ways to stop feeling lonely than to have a conversation with a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time. Look up your phonebook and pick out only the friends who have had a positive influence on your life.

Send a text as random as a good morning message and if they reply back, you are likely to find yourself immersed in a conversation that is all about happy memories and reconnecting with a long lost friend.

2) Sign up on online dating websites

Online dating or virtual dating can be the answer to your loneliness without having to do much effort. All you need to do it sign up, put up a decent profile picture and connect with girls and guys who you think are like minded.

Some of the most popular online dating websites have free membership, allowing you to sign up and browse through other profiles. And if you like the concept on finding companions from online portals, you can opt for their premium services.

3) Find solace in online social networks including Facebook and Twitter

If the lack of physical presence of friends in your life is driving loneliness, you can simply amp up the amount of time you spend talking and interacting with people on social media.

Expand your presence on Facebook by joining interest based groups and start following inspirational people on Twitter. Meeting interesting people and sustaining online conversations via Facebook posts and tweets will help you stop feeling lonely.

4) Start a channel on YouTube

Do you have nothing to do? Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel? Justin Bieber, Cory Williams, Ryan Higa, Amber Lee Ettinger, Alex Day, Natalie Tran, PSY's Gangnam Style, Rucka Rucka and Viktoriya Yermolyeva have all gained fame, fans and friends from the video sharing website.

If you think that you have a quirky talent, whacky personality or any other skill that can entertain others online, put it on YouTube for the whole world to see. You will spend hour after hour recording, editing and uploading the videos. Comments and discussions with viewers will get you involved into the community and as you make new friends online, you are likely to not feel lonely.

5) Start a new hobby and keep yourself occupied

The feeling of loneliness can be amplified when you have nothing to do. To keep yourself occupied, look for things you can do besides the usual rut of your daily routine, studying for college or work. Look for hobbies that you can pick up and nurture.

Besides keeping you occupied, hobbies are likely to stem from passion and pursuing things that you like doing will infuse a sense of satisfaction in your life. Whether it is playing a musical instrument, learning photography or building a homemade project, hobbies will help you find your focus, satisfaction and happiness.

6) Go to the gym every day

There is no better way to stop feeling lonely than to sweat it out in the gym. Your daily grind to the gym will take up at least an hour or two in travelling and exercise time followed by showering and cleaning up. Apart from beating loneliness, going to the gym will relieve you of boredom and set you up in getting the body that you always wanted.

You are also likely to bump into like minded workout buddies. It will amaze you how workout sessions can turn from mundane and boring to fun and addictive once you have found the right company at your gym. Get motivated to workout, welcome healthiness and say goodbye to loneliness.

7) Find a part time job for after work hours

Finding a second job may be the answer to your loneliness simply because it will help you take your mind away from depressing thoughts. A part-time job will also help you meet new people and make new friends.

The key to doing a second job and not feeling burdened is to pick a role that is not too physically, mentally or emotionally demanding. You could be a part-time receptionist in an office with a relaxed environment or a part time server at a quaint little local cafe which is not always busy. And while you use this idea to stop feeling lonely, you will also bump up your bank account.

8) Buy yourself a tablet PC

The best tech companion to help you stop feeling lonely is a tablet. Whether it is the iPad 3, Amazon's Kindle Fire, iPad Mini or Samsung's Galaxy, buy a tablet and load it up with fun apps.

Besides games, you can surf the internet, be active on social networking websites, talk to your friends, catch up on the news, follow the stock markets, look at photos and even edit them to your heart's content.

Your tablet will become your companion everywhere you go, whether it is while commuting on the train, lounging in your living room or passing time at your hangout place. While a good tablet may set you back a couple of hundred dollars, this is an investment that will add a lot of value and activity to your everyday routine.

9) Play an MMORPG

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and classic examples are World of Warcraft and Age of Conan. You will typically be required to install software on your computer and then create an id on the game's servers.

Once you have an id, you will need to select your character and play along with millions of other online users who nurture and 'level-up' their virtual characters. You will interact with other gamers, make new virtual friends, do quests together and even help each other in battle.

Social interaction is an integral part of MMORPGs and if you are feeling lonely, an online role playing game may be the answer to make new friends and pass some time.

10) Start blogging: Connect with other bloggers

Blogging is a profession and daily bread winner for thousands of online entrepreneurs around the world. But you don't necessarily need to be a professional blogger to start a blog on a personal level, just like you don't need to be a qualified carpenter to build an amateurish DIY patio in your backyard.

Signup on a popular blogging platform like Wordpress, Blogger or HubPages and get started. Before you know it blogging will take up considerable amount of your time and you will find yourself interacting with people from the world over.

11) Organize: Get your life back on track

If you are feeling lonely, chances are that you have a lot of free time on your hand. In a bid to see the positive side of the current situation of your life, promise yourself to get your life back on track.

Stop procrastinating and make a to-do list. Write down everything that is yet to be done, from the smallest of tasks like homework to the biggest ones like going for a driving test. Take every day as a new beginning and start ticking everything off from your to-do list.

In a matter of weeks, you will notice how you grabbed loneliness by the horns and made good use of an otherwise dull period of your life.

12) Introspect and learn from experience

Why are you feeling lonely? Is it because of being away from your boyfriend or is it because you have no friends? Is it because of your divorce or is it just because you have no one to spend the holidays with?

Ask yourself these questions and use this phase of your life to introspect. Take lessons from the experiences in your life so far. Use hindsight and introspection to learn from these experiences and arm yourself to be a better person, better friend, better lover, better colleague and a better human being.

13) Reconnect with your family

If you have just been through a breakup or a divorce, the feeling of loneliness could be stemming from the fact that you are not used to being alone all the time. Take this opportunity to reconnect with family and relatives with whom you have not been in touch with.

Whether it is living with your parents for a while, going clubbing with a cousin or getting invited to your aunt's for dinner, you will find a sense of belonging while interacting with your own blood. This warm connection will help you stop feeling lonely and cherish the feeling of being in the company of a loved one.

14) Get a pet if it is appropriate in your situation

Pets are awesome companions and if your situational circumstances allow it, you could consider getting one. Remember that having a pet will bring upon you a lot of responsibilities and an obvious financial burden of caring for your critter, but that is one of the joys of owning a pet in the first place.

Dogs and cats are widely considered as safe bets but you could look at other options if you like. Between the two, it comes down to your personal preference and lifestyle. As a rule of thumb, get a dog if you want an active companion who will constantly seek your attention, play with you, and want you to take him/her out for a walk. Get a cat if you have a smaller place and if you want a pet who will mind its own business, not be too attention seeking and is low on maintenance.

15) Remind yourself that everyone is lonely

A married woman may be lonely because she misses her sister's company, a boyfriend may be lonely despite being in the middle of his best pals because his girlfriend broke up with him, a girl may be lonely because she misses her bff who moved overseas to study, a woman may be feeling hollow from inside while missing her partner because they are in a long distance relationship – The bottom line is that even the best of us tend to feel lonely in one way or another regardless of social, relationship and family circumstances.

Stop feeling lonely and remind yourself that you are not alone in this race, no one is. Everyone is a part of the same boat called life, and it isn't smooth sailing all the time. If you think that you have fallen down to the lowest possible point in your life, be happy, because now there is no other way to go but up.

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