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How Does A Single Girl Stay Festive Over The Holidays?

Updated on December 14, 2015
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanza, keeping a festive attitude can be hard for a single girl—especially if most of your friends are in relationships or married and you are the one plus none to all the holiday events—Great. So, how do you keep a festive attitude alive?

First and far most it's important to change your attitude about being single over the holidays—Stop having a pity party for yourself and start creating fun ways to enjoy the holiday time...

Here Are 16 Tips To Help A Single Gal Keep Her Cheer:

1. Remind yourself that you do not need a man to make your holidays more complete—you can have great holiday celebrations with friends, family and your perfect furry companion—and if you don't have a furry friend maybe this is the time to adopt one (cat, dog, bird or maybe you're more of a fish girl).

2. Stay off Facebook—no sense in paying attention to all the over exaggerations of how blissful everyone else's holiday is.

3. Decorate your place with whatever holiday decorations make you happy—go big or simple, it doesn't matter—coming home to decorations (even a few) will put a smile on your face every time you're home.

4. Buy, borrow or rent from the library several of your favorite holiday movies—if you can't think of any ask friends for suggestions. These movies should put a smile in your heart, maybe a few happy tears but overall bringing you holiday cheer. A few of my favorite: Little Fockers, Elf, The Family Man, Eight Crazy Nights, Four Christmases, This Christmas, An American Tail...just to name a few.

5. Buy a gift (or several) for yourself—when shopping for your family and friends don't forget to buy yourself a few special gifts and have them wrapped in fun holiday paper.

6. Holiday Music—choose holiday music from some of your favorite artists to help lift your spirit—bringing you more holiday happiness.

7. Get dolled up during the holiday times—not only will this make you feel sexy and sassy, you also never know who you might end up meeting when your out.

8. Participate in sending out holiday cards—this will give you excitement when checking your mail and receiving them. Also make your cards so that they showcase your confidence, fierce and fun side—believe me all the recipients will see your cards as a breath of fresh air from all the "family/couples" cards they normally receive.

9. Bring a friend to holiday events—if you're invited to events that allow plus one don't feel bad about bringing your best gal pal to keep you company.

10. Drink wine, lots of it with friends—by the time you sober up the holidays will be over (but please don't drink and drive).

11. Plan a fun getaway with another single friend—or possibly several—or by yourself over the holidays.

12. Plan your own holidays events—girls only brunches, lighting of the Christmas tree, Zoo Lights, plays and musicals, caroling, pedicures and manicure parties.

13. Gift exchange with a friend—choose another single friend to have your big holiday gift exchange with.

15. Host a holiday party a few days before the holiday—a few hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, holiday treats and music—and everyone dresses up.

16. Have a lot of "You" pamper time—bubble baths with candles, mud-masks, giving yourself pedicures and manicures, making your favorite foods and splurging on holiday treats while listening to your favorite music.

Yes, the holidays can be dreadful when you are single—if and only if you let them be...why not instead turn that gloom into an abundance of happiness and cheer? The purpose of any holiday is not to remind you that you are alone but instead to remind you that you do have so much love surrounding you and many things to be grateful for. Finding a tradition or creating experiences that help you find this seasonal happiness is important.

Every year a close friend of mine will take a shopping trip to Tiffany's to buy herself something special—regardless if she is or isn't in a relationship she goes every year. My friend will go by herself or bring a friend—a few times I have had the pleasure of joining her. This is not only a fun tradition that she has carved out for herself but it also makes her feel special.

Going into the Tiffany's store is about the experience for my friend—hence why she doesn't purchase online. The store is beautiful, she loves being doted on and trying on various pieces of jewelry. Since this is my friends’ yearly tradition, during the year she will save her money and then research several jewelry items that she might want. When she enters Tiffany's she has her list of items to try on—picking only one—and once she finds her perfect self-gift she will have the jewelry store wrap it in their perfect blue box with a white bow. My friend will then wait for the holiday day—pouring a glass of wine or champagne and then will open her special Tiffany's gift.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to run to Tiffany's to find holiday cheer—finds what works for you and your budget.

Ladies embrace being single. So often when we are in a relationship we get caught up in the process that we forget some of the joys of being single. Not having to run around and find a gift for a significant other—that he may or may not like—can be a stress-free blessing in disguise. And, instead of hinting around for gifts you really want and potentially getting the opposite—you can buy exactly what you want for yourself. You can decide how you want your holiday to be without complicated decisions. Also remember after the holidays is always a brand new year to look forward to and celebrate!


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