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I AM A GOD - Part 2(The Higher Self)

Updated on September 4, 2015
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Mridul is an AMFI registered Investment Adviser and IRDA approved Insurance Agent. Biggest dream- A better world. Biggest passion- Life.


When someone asks you for your phone, do they say 'Come here phone'? They say 'let me see your phone' don't they. You know why they say that? Because that phone is not you.

When someone asks to see your hand, or head, or hair, or feet what do they say? They don't say "come here hand, come here feet" they say "can i see your hand?" or "let me see your foot". You know why they say that? Because your body, is not you. It is as much not you as that phone. It just belongs to you for the time being. YOUR body, just like your phone.
It doesn't go with you when you die. But you do. You leave. Right? So who the hell are you then?

Live now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday.

Did you say I'm the soul? You're not your soul. At least, not yet.

Now personally, I'm very science biased and I don't believe in souls and ghosts and tooth fairies. Even you don't believe in tooth fairies. But you might believe in a soul and that's all we need.[For my curious friends who want to know what I believe if not in a soul, please scroll up and check the title of this article.:)]
You see, in order to connect to something, we must first acknowledge its existence. Right? We have to understand that it is real. There's this enormous, massive volume of potential inside of us and sadly enough, most of us never get to utilize it. You ask me why? Well don't ask me why, you already know why. You don't get to use it because you don't pay any attention to it. You don't live in this moment. You're either worrying about the next, or you're fixated on your past. No? Ok then, tell me.. When you're walking, do you just concentrate on your feet moving forward and backward? Or are you also thinking of something entirely different that has got nothing to do with the walk?
When you're eating, do you just indulge in it, feel the taste on your taste buds, savour its flavour? Or are you also thinking about work?
When you're driving, do you just look at the road, feel the engine, notice how it seems as if the buildings and trees are hurrying backwards? Or are you! thinking of! Some Other! GODDAMN Thing!

Give yourself the gift of now. And do it now because now is all you have. What else do you have? Do you have anything other than this moment? Other than right now? I don't think so.

Be present. You'll never get now again.

I can go on and on about the present and its power but the idea of this article is to establish a connection with the god inside you. We'll talk about the present in a different hub. Let me know if you're interested.

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At peace. That's it.

We have anything between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. There are a titanic of subjects that we think of, each one, making us feel a particular way. Some things we like to think, we enjoy, others not so much, some are exciting thoughts while some are depressing.
Then there are some we don't give a fuck about. Might be the release of a Bieber song. Or a terms and conditions leaflet. Although when I pit those two, terms and conditions does look tempting.

My point is, The higher self, is always in a fuckless zone. It don't got none. Fresh outta fucks.
It doesn't laugh with you, doesn't weep with you, it doesn't get angry or annoyed or excited with you.
Picture this:

While you go through a rollercoaster of emotions, it stays at peace. All the time.

It knows that soon you won't be angry anymore, so it doesn't bother him. It knows that this is temporary happiness, so it doesn't excite him. He know your sorrows have an expiry date, and it doesn't rattle him.

The Eternal Observer.

This is what it is. This is all it does. It observes.

You can too. It is quite fun actually. The moment you catch yourself feeling a particular way, immediately tell yourself "oh, so this is what it feels like when I'm ___________" This will immediately pull you out of that crest or that trough and place you closer to the straight line. The line of observance, the line of peace and tranquility.

Touch the god.

As you get closer and closer to it, your intuitive powers will start to grow. When your mind is at peace, it opens up a doorway between your higher self and you. It establishes a connection and now you can communicate. You can ask questions and it will answer you.
Am I doing what I was meant to do?
Have I come as far as I was supposed to? If not, how much farther do I have to go?
Is this the right direction for me or should I change my path?
What is my next course of action?
How do I achieve my targets? How do I live the life of my dreams?

If you're eager enough to listen, and patient enough to give it time, you will hear it. I'm not saying you will like what you hear. Most of us are messed up as fuck, and your inner self never lies. It never censors and it never sugarcoats. It will give it to you real, it may hit you hard, and it may break you down.
But it will also pick you up. Then it will heal your scars. And then it will chase you. And that's when you'll run. Then it will chase you faster. And that's when you'll fly.

The listeners

Do you know Steve Jobs? Sylvester Stallone? Usain Bolt? Bruce Lee?
What about Mother Teresa? Diego Maradona? Michael Jordan? Muhammad Ali? Michael Jackson?

I know you know them. But do you know the one thing that is common between all these legends?

I’ll tell you what that is. They all heard.

It oozes off of their personality. I have listed a few of my favourite quotes and if you look close enough, you’ll see. Their words, they are intoxicated with this inner wisdom. Oh they heard! They heard loud and clear!

When are you going to hear?

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