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Internet Dating: Seeking Your Prince Charming?

Updated on October 4, 2014
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I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

Honesty on the Internet

You're a model?  Cool.  I'm a Chippendale's dancer.  I race speed boats too.  What's your sign?
You're a model? Cool. I'm a Chippendale's dancer. I race speed boats too. What's your sign? | Source

Internet Dating: Always ask for a photo!

Internet Dating: Always ask for a photo!
Internet Dating: Always ask for a photo!

You just don't know what you’re going to get.

Online Dating:

It appears to be a simple process, look at some pictures and find your dream date. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not exactly as they seem. Pay attention, ask lots of questions, and follow your gut. It's usually right!

Internet dating:.What You See Is What You Get??? Or is it really... (You just don't know what you’re going to get.)

Doggy Break Ups

and you know what?... She left me...that bitch.
and you know what?... She left me...that bitch.

Women want Prince Charming, Superman, Shrek, and Chippendale Dancer, all wrapped into one.

Every day thousands of men and women sign up and log on to online dating websites. They do this in hopes of hooking up...for long term, for dates, or for a quickie. They send out emails based on a picture and a profile; in hopes of getting a response.

The problem with online dating is that just like with everything else in life... Women are picky. Although one would think, a website that holds no less than 10,000 men at any given time would offer us the opportunity to contact more men.

When a woman links on to a dating website, she is in search of her Prince Charming, Superman, Shrek, and Chippendale Dancer, all wrapped into one. So, we take our time, view the website daily and wait patiently until we find one that peaks our interest.

I spend much of my time responding to all the email messages that I have received since my last log in. I try to be polite and answer every message, but in some instances, I will send out a mass email-response to the gentlemen who took the time to write to me. Sometimes there will be a man that does not understand when I let them politely know that I am not interested. These type of guys will email incessantly for weeks at a time. I consider these select few to be fan club members. Flattering, yet annoying.

Dating websites are a great way to meet people. But guys are under the impression that women will browse through their bio pages, in order to make up their mind on who we want to date. This is absolutely and utterly incorrect. I hate to tell you this, but as we all know; dating websites are all about the looks! It makes no difference if you are Edgar Allen Poe and have the tongue of a linguist. If you have any visible inconsistencies based on a woman's preferences, you won’t be contacted.

Internet dating is no different than real life dating. We shop for men just the same way we shop for a new dress. We analyze the color, and the texture, what size it is and how much it costs. We also consider how it makes us look, and if it makes us look frugal, or if it makes us look rich!

Then we will check out ten to twenty others before we come back to the one that originally grabbed our eye. Then we check it again for any visible flaws or imperfections, and lastly we read the tag. If the tag (or profile) says anything that we don’t like, we will just hang it back up on the rack and move onto the next one.

We read profiles....we laugh....

Internet dating... We read profiles....we laugh....
Internet dating... We read profiles....we laugh....

So, in a nutshell,

We browse the pictures, we laugh a lot, and if the photograph meets all of our qualifications, we read their biography and learn about a man’s interests. Finally when one comes along that catches our eye, we make contact.

Once engaged in an email conversation, there can be the typical back and forth chit chat that never leads to anything.

On the other hand, we can find meaningful conversation that eventually leads to exchanging phone numbers.

One would think that internet dating is fairly straight forward having WYSIWYG. (What You See Is What You Get) On the contrary, that seems to be incorrect. More accurately described would be YJDKWYGTG. (You just don't know what you’re going to get.)

What I want to know is this? Why do guys hardly ever look like the picture that that they post onto their page? If you are on the internet to pick up chicks, you need to post something that reflects what you look like. There’s no flexibility in this option. You can’t go digging through your photos and find something dated ten years back. Don’t digitize it, colorize it, anti-age it.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. Do not post pictures that show your head covered. No hats, or ski masks, or helmets, no beanies, and take your sunglasses off during these shots. We want to know what you look like before we meet you, not when you arrive when we need to hide our shock. It is not about the element of surprise like in a blind date. We want you to look like your posted picture.

Guys need to be forthright about themselves. Changing your picture, or editing or altering it, is not going to help when it comes down to the real life. Guys, you need to look like your posted photographs , or we will not even want to walk out the front door with you! This is probably one of the biggest pieces of advice that I can honestly offer.

Think about it!

© 2011 Helen Kramer


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