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Online Dating Rules of Etiquette & Advice For Men

Updated on September 13, 2016
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I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

Meet Your Mate!

Have you ever gotten a phone number from someone from a dating website?

Do I call him, or do I wait till he calls me?

I personally tend to ignore a guy's phone number until I hear from him. Strangely, nine out of the ten guys on a dating website, when offered the opportunity to call a woman, will not do so. But there are some that wait the obligatory three days, then……..they text.

Always ask for a photo!

Always ask for a photo!
Always ask for a photo!


...for the call...
...for the call...

Call Me!

Here's a piece of advice for the guys in Dating Land., heed my advice:

Whoever wrote the three day rule…WAS WRONG. Women like to hear from you immediately.

Pick up the phone and call as soon as you can, because in three days, fellas, we will have moved on to "bigger and better". It’s not like the olden days, when we wouldn't leave the house because we were too busy sitting by the phone…..”in case he calls.” Back then, our friends and family would literally have to wrap a rope around us and pull us away from the telephone. We were hog tied to the phone until you called us.

Sex Text

Sex Text
Sex Text

Nope, those days have come and gone. These days, it is all about the ‘Now’. We are in way too much of a hurry to wait around like stale cheese in hopes to hear from you. Bigger and better, is what I like to think. If you guys don’t have the nerve to call us immediately, we take it personally and take it as a reflection of your personality. (That perhaps if you didn’t make time to call us, then why should we make the effort?)

Here is my opinion on texting: I am a big fan of texting when initiating contact with a potentialdate. Texting is so unobtrusive. There is no pressure to respond when you aren’t sure of what’s up. When I want to get hold of someone, I usually will call them. However, if I’m not sure that they want to talk to me, I simply text them. If they respond then I know that they still want to see me. If I get no answer, then there’s my sign. Texting can be inconspicuous, polite, and very non-committal. In my opinion texting was one of Mother God’s own inventions.

One comment that I have is in regards to a man's internet profile and the virtue of honesty. I have found that guys tend to lie about their height, income, among other crucial facts ononline dating sites. They tend to add an inch or two to their height, or a couple of digits to their income, in hopes of appearing more appealing. Well, I'm, sure some women lie about their bust size and the size of their ass too. It could partly be human nature to make ourselves appear better than we really are.

Be Real

Be who you are....
Be who you are.... | Source

Women tend to have lists of qualifications that we look for in a man we are interested in dating. Some women may go as far as to have an application that they require you to fill out accurately and honestly. Women may have height requirements, an age requirement, or in rare cases women may request to see a W-2, because we don’t believe you anyways!

There is one huge bonus when it comes to dating from a website versus meeting in person.

Dating websites do most of the leg work for us. By having individuals fill out personal information, the dating website saves us all time when it comes to weeding out undesirables. Traditionally, when a person fills out a survey about themselves, they do not tell as many untruths, as when the answers are being directed to a person face to face, especially to a member of the opposite sex. Filling out a profile accurately is simple, yet effective.

To reiterate, be honest and accurate when posting your photos and be truthful when writing about yourself. Stick to the facts, don’t copy off of someone else’s information and most importantly, just be yourself. It’s much easier to be upfront about yourself. Honesty, the truth will be your ally and you may just find your true love through internet dating.

Good luck, Fellas!!!!

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© 2012 Helen Kramer


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