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Is There Such A Thing As Love At First Sight?

Updated on August 25, 2014

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The subject of love itself always conjures up images, thoughts and feelings that are often indescribable. People try to describe euphoric excursions that they experience but fail miserably in their attempts.

You walk into a crowded room. Nothing particular is standing out about the gathering and then you look to your right and you see her. Your eyes meet as though drawn to each other. You both nervously smile and then go back to your respective conversations. But the thought lingers in your mind that there was something special about the person you locked eyes with. there was something there that you can’t put your finger on but you definitely felt something. But what?

Some will say simple physical attraction but others will say love at first sight.

There have been couples who when relating the story of their meeting would say they instantly knew that they were meant for each other. They will tell you emphatically that there was no doubt that when their eyes meet they knew right then that they would be together. But how could they know? They will tell you they just knew.

It has been said for many years that the eyes are the windows to the soul which may or may not be true but they definitely reflect what a person may be feeling inside.

Question Mark

We have heard about people falling in love the first time they laid eyes on each other. It has been depicted in movies, on television and even in music. When it happens we have been told that those involved heard bells ringing and birds singing and that there was “music in the air.” All of that sounds grand and wonderful but is it really true? Does it ever really happen? Can people who have never met before really fall deeply in love the first time they see each other? It seems an impossibility but is it?

You know the drill. Let’s explore that situation.

The Eyes Have It

The old saying “Eyes do not lie” is very true. Most people telegraph what they are thinking or feeling with their eyes. Whether they are feeling sad, happy, insecure or angry their eyes usually tell the story.

The reason for this is because the eyes like no other of the senses “connects” people together. There is something different that happens when you look into someone’s eyes than if you say something to them, touch them, hear them or God forbid “taste” them (in the cleanest, purest frame of tone I can possibly convey---nothing sexual). The eyes are unique in that they seem to connect people on a deeper level than the other senses. They join souls together. They reach inside a person and look around searching their inner workings probing for pertinent information about a person’s make up.

They are investigative and revealing all at the same time. The revealing aspect of them is why people turn their eyes away from a person or look down when they don’t want someone to “read” their thoughts. The eyes have a way of conveying what a person is thinking without a word being spoken and it is that feature of them that makes them unique among the five senses.

Yes, the eyes are revealing, probing and all telling and can convey the most complex feelings all with just a look.

But can that look be love at first sight is the question?

The Look Of Love?

So its been established that the eyes can express a myriad of emotions, feelings and thoughts but can one of those be love and can that connection be made the very first time you see someone?

Humans are complex creatures and to suggest that a person could make such a deep connection with another person just by looking at them for the first time sounds like a stretch at the least and impossible at the most.

Humans unlike animals make social connections on multiple levels requiring time for them to adequately develop fully. To think that a complex and deep-reaching connection like love can be made at first glance seems highly unlikely. Most people cannot make that kind of a connection after months or years so to think it can be done the first time a pair “lock eyes” seems far-fetched. After all if a couple can’t do it after a lengthy time together how can a couple after only a few “stolen glances” do it?

But humans are complex and they can sometimes defy norms and routine occurrences leaving everyone baffled. There have been stories told of people demonstrating super-human strength ina time of crisis that they normally wouldn’t have had under normal circumstances. there have been other stories told of those who endured what normally would have been unbearable pain in any other circumstance but in a desperate situation exhibited unbelieveable mind-over-matter will power to overcome a predicament that they were facing. So is it really so much of a stretch to believe that two people could make such a strong connection as love by simply looking at each other for the first time? Is it really impossible to believe that a creature with the capabilities of a human in crisis situation cannot make a “love connection” in a non-crisis environment?

Humans are amazing specimens who have capabilities beyond their own imagination so to think that they could not use those capabilities to connect on an intimate level with someone who they locked eyes with across a crowded room is not so unimaginable. In fact as we can see it is well within their ability to do so.

The only questions is will they recognize it when it happens?

Love Connection

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