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Dating - Is he a Player or (Score!) Just a Ladies' Man?

Updated on August 10, 2011
(Photo by LittleStash.)
(Photo by LittleStash.)


There may be evidence that suggests that your man is a Player. Hubbers R Pseudomen and Isabella Snow have offered up some analysis on this topic. Are you worried about it? Before we label him too quickly, let's look at what's really going on with him and figure it out. Is he a Player, or just a guy that's great with the gals, you know, a "Ladies' Man?" A dear friend of mine examined the evidence, ditched a Player, and then married a Ladies' Man, who is now most assuredly her Lady's man.

Hmm..perhaps we should be examining whether or not we’re entitled to refer to ourselves as "Ladies."

So, in we plunge, armed with observations and skittledypumps, to determine his nature. Just so you know, I am not a doctor, nor yet a counselor. Results not typical, and so forth.

Determine whether he’s a Player or a Ladies’ Man. Questions to ask:

1.Has he dated many women?

Either way, he probably has. If he’s a Player, he dated several at once. If he’s a Ladies’ Man, he dated many, giving his delicious attention to each in succession. He wouldn’t dream of insulting his current lovely lady by two-timing her.

2.How do his previous partners feel about him?

If he’s a Player, they probably hate his guts. If he’s a Ladies’ Man, his former lovers’ only regrets are likely to be that they’re not still dating him now. He left them happy, glowing, and ready to conquer the world.

3.Does he know the number for a great florist?

If he’s a Player, he has probably only purchased flowers at a convenience store and then, only as a last resort in the pursuit of getting laid. If he’s a Ladies’ Man, he might know of a good florist in several different cities. Relax and, see #1 above.

4.Is he great in bed?

Let’s examine the definition of “great.” Does he do acrobatics, focus on his own endurance, and enjoy posing to display his physique? Player. On the other hand, does he meet you where you need to be, with athleticism, playfulness, or romance, depending on your mood? Does he get great satisfaction from your pleasure? Is he the type you could spend all day in bed with? Ladies’ Man.

5.What does your mother think of him?

If your mother has had a chance to talk with him, and she narrows her eyes at him suspiciously, chances are good she can see right through him. Chalk one up in the Player column. If, on the other hand, he makes your mother giggle, and she wants to have him over for dinner and bake him a pie, you’ve probably got a Ladies’ Man on your hands, and incidentally, you can probably refer to your Mom as a Lady.

6.What does your father think of him?

Whether or not your father has met him, is your father objecting to him? With threats? Does your father object to the very idea of him? Player. If, however, your father just sort of sighs and says something like, “Man, that cat is smooth,” or “That dude sure has a way with the chicks,” you’re more likely dealing with a Ladies man. If you haven’t already, ask your mom what your pop was like when they were dating.

7.Lucky Seven. Do you feel like dating him is worth the gamble?

Your own emotions should give you a clue about him. Do you feel like you probably shouldn’t be seeing this guy, but he has an attraction anyway? Might be a Player. In contrast, do you feel like, wow, you’re having a great time, and this guy makes you feel wonderful, and he’s respectful and kind to your mother, so why not have some fun for a while? Probably a Ladies’ Man. Relax and enjoy it, and remember, he loves women—he doesn’t use them. You’re a lucky lady in the line, and if he loves you, you might be lucky for a very long time.


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    • LittleStash profile image

      LittleStash 6 years ago

      Thank you, tobusiness! Loved your Ladies Man poem, as well. You have a new follower.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 6 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Unfortunately, many women tends to fall for the player, believing they'll be the one to change him. good hub, enjoyed the read, voted up

    • LittleStash profile image

      LittleStash 7 years ago

      Ahh, and the lucky lady finds herself in the company of gentlemen. Thanks for your comments, epigramman!

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      You are only made a man in those relative terms by the company you keep when it comes to a lady -