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Is Love Worth Dying For?

Updated on April 6, 2017

We accept the love we assume we deserve

Love is required in order to be blessed with a partner that makes you feel whole, helps you complete your life’s goal and walks step by step alongside you. The question remains, is love worth dying for? Well of course it is because without love we are unable to complete the wishes and goals we aspire to, and thus we are forced to live a lonely life. Hence, the pursuit for love, for the right partner is worth dying for. There are countless folklore stories of people suffering heartache, putting their lives in danger and even dying in their pursuit for love. This natural feeling of romantic love which binds two people together in a relationship is the foundation of society.

In addition to romantic love there are other important manifestations that can be seen in the context of love for your family and love for your country. Love is a wonderful feeling, being in love and being loved in return is an incredible experience. What does the expression love is worth dying for actually mean, have you asked yourself this question, if not why? There are two definitions, one being literal as in taking your life for a certain someone but the other being that it is used as an expression of total and unconditional commitment. For instance, when a mother gives birth to her child the maternal instinct is to protect her offspring at all costs.

To address the grittier aspect of love which is love for a country I would like to highlight an example from the Arab spring, when thousands of Egyptians took to the streets protesting against the brutal regime of Hosni Mubarak. Do you not think that they were aware of the brutality that they would face, with even the possibility of death? The mere reason why people would do this is due to the love and pride they have for their nation. This love was the driving force that led them to courageously stand up to a dictator without worrying about their life. This kind of sacrificial thinking supports my statement ‘love is worth dying for’.

Furthermore, imagine a brother being held in arms, more commonly known as a soldier. In every single war and conflict, soldiers plough through battlefields side by side protecting each other at all costs due to the love and pride they possess for their nation. Have you not watched movies or read diaries on soldiers shielding one another in the line of fire even though they are aware that they are going to die, this should give an idea of why people may die for love. If you say that love is not worth dying for, then you are betraying the legacy of thousands of soldiers and even civilians who die defending their nation.

Another aspect mentioned earlier regarding the love people have for their family can be seen in mothers who see their children as part of them, a new generation that is an extension of themselves. A mother will do anything to protect her child and ensure their safety, and there are several reports every year about mothers literally throwing themselves into burning buildings and jumping into lakes to save their children. That force driving them, pushing them on, is love, and they have often died in order to save their child’s life whether it be in childbirth or in critical situations. Do they not believe that love is to die for then? A reason why someone would sacrifice their own life to save a loved one is because they cannot bear the pain of living without that person and so would do anything to protect them.

This expression is further proven by the sheer hard work parents put in bringing up their children, as it’s such a big responsibility on their shoulders that they do their utmost to provide a safe, healthy environment in which to raise their children. The patience and hardships that they endure in putting up with the tantrums of thankless children in this day and age is due to love. Out of all relationships, that between the parent and the child best fits the statement ‘love is worth dying for’.

These above mentioned relationships are often taken for granted, and so is love. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see there are different manifestations of love with one common factor: they all push our emotions to a level where you do not hesitate to sacrifice your life. Love is worth dying for, hopefully I have persuaded you as to why this is. If you have not died for love in any way, shape or form, you have not lived.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 8 months ago

      No one should have to "die" for love.

      "Hence, the pursuit for love, for the right partner is worth dying for." - Such sacrifices are usually made when it comes to saving the life of someone we love. Parents might do so for their children, a husband for his wife, a soldier for his comrades, and so on. (Note: No one expects a wife to die for her husband.)

      Some people have given their lives to protect (total strangers)! Therefore being a "hero" doesn't require one is "in love".

      These people are "wired" to protect others. Just because someone isn't willing to die for another person doesn't mean they don't love them. And no one should have willing to die for them as requirement to "prove" their mate's love.

      If anything be willing to LIVE for them!

      These days people are looking for those who will stick around.