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It's okay to be single

Updated on June 2, 2013

Yes it is ladies

We all seem to walk around with a stigma that we need love or more accurately, that we need a man. Society has made it a bad thing to be an older women who has yet to marry. Or holding out for the right one.

Well I say, who is to say that we can not be happy as we are. We were made alone, why can we not be happy and fulfilled without that man laying next to us at night. Now you may think that I am an anti-man woman, but I assure you I am not. What I will say, is by leaving my husband of 8 years, I have grown more as a woman in such short years.

I have learned when I was not running a household, job and tailoring to a man, I had so much more time to do what I wanted. The amount of energy that was put in to special occasions that he wouldn't even remember, I could have easily spent this time improving myself.

It has been almost three years and I have dated a few times, but it seems to be more trouble than it is worth. Why does it always feel like you always have to be "On." I mean ladies think about it, how many times have you talked to your girlfriend's about one of their men. Over and over again, second challenge, try one conversation that doesn't include a man and see how much you really have to talk about.

Why? Well because we have made the search for the man of our dreams, rule our entire existence. I know alot of women who can tell you dates and times of events by who she was going out with. I say this is ridiculous, what happened to ourselves? Where did we as women go or better yet as individuals?

So if you are on a much needed break, sit back and relax and enjoy the peace. Discover yourself and what it is that you really like. Read a book, finish a home project you have been looking for.  Don't be sucked in to the hype of Mr. Right Now.  If he is not a help mate, he is a hindrence.  If you do not wake up every day happier and better for being with them, walk away.  It is okay to be single!


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