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Jealousy Pathology

Updated on March 2, 2014

They are an emotional response that arise when a person perceives a threat tosomething they considered theirs. Commonly referred to as well to suspicion orconcern about the possibility that we loved Pay attention in favor of another. Also known well, the feeling of jealousy towards the success or possession of anotherperson.

Current Psychology says that jealousy is a natural response to the threat of losing an important interpersonal relationship for the jealous person. Jealousy seems to be present in all people, regardless of their socio-economic status or form of upbringing and personalities manifest apparently seemed confident. One feature that seems to stand out in jealous people are having traits of selfishness. Many of them once they occur, are surprised at themselves because they did not even suspect that they suffered ..... jealousy can be healthy when what is required is something to be done on the basis of equity in the couple, but go to this type of behavior reflects deep personal shortcomings.
Carnal zeal is expressed when making inappropriate demands and if they carry feelings enfermisos because demands are not met. This sentiment reflects a certain emotional insecurity about losing control or feeling impairment in interpersonal relationships. Jealousy is manifested by the appearance of a situation or person that internal self-classified as more dominant and competitive. Jealousy can cause the subject who suffers, you feel violated and sobredominio discharging the person to the heat, trapping it in a web of oppressive cirscuntancias such as depriving of liberty, isolate it, follow it to work, to review its foreign relations, search evidence of treason etc.1
In addition to the circumstances caused by the free will that everyone has, is the main issue of jealousy of psychological origin. W. Egen studies Mathes, of the Western Illinois University, who conducted field experiments to test the hypothesis Greg White about jealousy, the person "jealous" (A) is jealous in their relationship with the person "helmet" (B) to appear "intruder" (C) - which may be another person or circumstance - because of two reasons:
the loss of the relationship would represent the loss of rewards and benefits that such a relationship reported: the jealous person can no longer share moments of good quality and pleasing to the individual trap: no longer will talk, play, or sleep together, for example.
loss reduces the self-confidence or self-esteem for the jealous person (A), the individual trap (B) would have to choose between it (A) and the "intruder" (C) and have opted for the latter (C) , suggesting that (C) is more important or better than (A).
This "intruder" (C) can be another person (eg the birth of a new sibling in the family), or some external situation (eg when the wife started to work for the first time and spend less time at home, or a good friendship emerges (B).
This situation between (A) and (B) can be created also by the work environment, friends or family, even without a direct interest in the relationship between them (envy).

Taken to the extreme jealousy in a relationship, are a highly self-destructivepathology, the patient suffering from this disease "live"in a state of unhappiness,according to their fears and suspicions of cheating, often completely unfounded andpractically does not accept other condition of truth than the evidence that confirmstheir insecurity in the relationship. Pathological jealousy can manifest itself either in men or women.
Jealousy can cause much distress and unhappiness and even cause damage to thesubject of heat, even elicit a response excessive physical assault ending inimprisonment (kidnapping), the murder or assault fĂ­sica.2 This level of heat is very difficult to cure and people who have it are highly likely to reach extreme if not subjected to a specialist. There are countries like Spain that have been taken in thematter due to the large number of cases of domestic violence caused by jealousy.The cure is based on the recovery of confidence in the relationship and safety ofhimself recognizing the vital space that every couple should and should not be invaded by the other.


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