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Judging Gay People

Updated on September 30, 2012
Gay pride day is a popular and broad based attempt to demonstrate that gay people are all around us and can be friends, family and co-workers and that there is "nothing to fear but fear itself".
Gay pride day is a popular and broad based attempt to demonstrate that gay people are all around us and can be friends, family and co-workers and that there is "nothing to fear but fear itself".

Why do people judge gays and lesbians?

There are two types of ignorance, but the result is an unwitting unity of action. The worst type is the one that is deliberately planned and manipulated from the position of wealth and power for the ends of control through engineered xenophobia. This ignorance is done from a position of high knowledge and understanding of human psychology, individually and in mass. The innocent type is the result of people who are covertly and deliberately educated to be hateful of identified minorities and proxy enemies. A recent historical example is the education the Nazi overlords gave to their own children about Aryan supremacy and the inferiority of other races. The real enemy in all of this is seldom identified, but the results of their actions is world wars, hatred of minorities, genocide, engineered famines and other ills that plague humanity that are entirely preventable. There are two types of misery that plague us; the type that cannot be controlled, like an act of nature, and the ones we visit on each other that are entirely preventable.

Ignorance is mediated through education that pretends to knowledge but is really ignorance and nonsense. Most of what is really important has been forgotten in the pursuit of profits and power. We have sunk a long way from the early days, while rising to the pinnacle of technological might. Throughout our lives, we learn a lot of pure rubbish that is taken for reality and truth while nature is ignored and even abused at our own risk. The real truth is often the object of tyrannical censure to the point of death threats, torture and murder. Of all the culprits in this, the use of religion to subjugate people into a morass of ignorance is the worst, regardless of denomination. All are at fault. If Christianity, Islam and Judaism can agree on one point, despite their mutual hatred for and warring with one another, it is this: Hate gay people and lesbians; convert or kill them to save them from themselves! Ignorance has even taught gay people and lesbians to hate themselves and engage in self persecutions such as living in secret, denigrating one another along sub-minority lines, self hatred and even suicide.

Perhaps the worst abuse of ignorance comes from the fact that most people can be easily manipulated into torturing others. This insight comes from psychological experiments dealing with torture done in the 1960's and 1990's. Both experiments involved people administering shocks to people who failed to answer questions correctly. The first experiment had shocks administered up to 450 volts. No one was actually shocked, but an actor hidden from view screamed out when shocks were administered for wrong or slow answers. 70 percent of the people giving the shocks by order took the orders to the full extent of the experiment. In other words, they were willing to administer fatal shocks as long as they were told that they would not be held responsible and follow orders. In another experiment, students acting as prisoners and prison guards had to be terminated due to the abuses that arose. This process can be seen to work in demonizing minorities and justification for such practice as torture and genocide as the demonized minority is seen as the scapegoat of blame, having somehow caused the problems of the rest like a bad economy or a plague. This reality played itself out on the gay community with the unfolding AIDS crisis in the early 1980's. Instead of being helped, AIDS was explained as a punishment from God for a sinful lifestyle and research was delayed with disastrous consequences for humanity as a whole. Other minorities have also been demonized historically such as the Jews under Nazi Germany and the horror of the Rwanda genocide.

The extent of our ignorance and hence the control that the rulers of the world have over us is measured by looking at the poor on the streets. The only thing they know how to do to survive is to beg. Others turn to petty crime. Long has the knowledge been erased that would allow them and us to forage for wild food, water and shelter in the context of nature like our ancient ancestors. They do not know how to grow their own food in most cases. We have all become consumed in the money chase. This real knowledge has been beaten out of us over many generations in favor of civilization that benefits the few. The latest wave of this destruction was against the First Nations who now live in fourth world conditions of utter poverty, no jobs and chronic substance abuse. We have arrived where most people are as helpless as a newborn infant in its mother’s arms. Our ability to survive a natural disaster has by and large been eliminated in favor of seeking support where none can be found. This makes most of dependent and living in a constant state of fear though by and large; we escape from it, or try to through a host of acceptable civilized means.

Control comes in another way and that is through "family values" so touted by the religious right. But real family values are ignored where children go hungry while the rich live in luxuriate in indolence. The real value of family value lies in the tight control of people, where almost their entire attention and energy is poured into bringing up the next generation of workers. In most parts of the world, marriages are arranged and can't be contested without severe consequences. When people are seen to live outside of such restriction, a form of jealously arises. Out of this comes resentment and hostility. Since the people constrained by the ideal of family values without the real support needed from church and state are without the same freedom; they can't see why gay people and lesbians should have it. So we hear mouthing about family values, but without the concrete support needed, especially in these times of financial collapse when whole families wind up homeless. Such people see any kind of better condition for others as a special interest in the face of their lack of basic necessities. Those in power exploit this kind of resentment to attack gay people in militaristic fashion. The result is an undeclared war between families, gay people and lesbians led by religious bigots and politicians.

Take a cool, long, objective look at nature. Nature is all about diversity. If you live close to the wilds, you can see this for yourself in abundance. However, if you're stuck like most people in the enclaves of civilization, what you see are concrete canyons, slum shanties and artificiality. For the sake of profit, our lives orbit around money, cars, homes, entertainment, fancy food, fashion and the pursuit of satisfaction however that may be defined. But even here, by looking at people, you can see a huge range of physical diversity. It seems that nature and God (if you chose to believe) acts to create diversity in all shapes, function and behavior. To an evolutionist, this is the result of adaptation due to changes in the environment.

Too many of us have been convinced that there is something wrong with nature and it is our duty to "correct" it. Yet nature did very well by itself up until the modern era when our correcting ways started to negatively impact it. What clearly went wrong is our departure from our natural selves contained in nature as part of it for the artificial one of civilization. The wish for mastery over all that we survey including the masses led to all the ills and torment that we experience that is so preventable.

All minorities suffer from persecution and exclusion that varies throughout history and location. The list of persecuted minorities is virtually endless and changes almost at whim throughout history. By merely existing is enough reason for someone, somewhere to hate you from the point of being a nuisance to the point of persecution through criminal harassment, torture and death. Today's popular pariah is the Muslim, as we no longer have commies to deal with. But one of the all times favorite pariahs are the gay person and the lesbian. For as long as you care to plunge into the depth of history, with only a handful of exceptions, the person of alternative sexual orientation has suffered terribly under repression and persuasion to be otherwise. There are many reasons why this is so.

Military expansionism from the beginning to now requires soldiers to man the battlefield. In ancient times before we had the stealth fighter, space born and nuclear weapons and other W.M.D.s (Weapons of Mass Destruction), it was superior manpower that usually won in the battlefield. Only through a long history of developing slightly superior weapons and fighting techniques did some forces win over superior manpower. The battlefield was the extension of power to accrue the wealth and territory of others for the benefit of ones own ruler. That is still true today, but wars are now fought remotely using machines to kill the masses and seize their property. When soldiers are maimed or killed, they have to be replaced, so the edict to reproduce a lot of offspring for more warriors was deemed necessary and anything that diverted that reproductive force was dealt with in the harshest terms. That edit was handed down by a representative of some deity. Those of us who know history know that the road of civilization is paved with the crushed bones of the defeated and greased with the spilled blood of the vanquished. The engine of civilization has been the enslaved peoples. The siren of popular choice until recently was the screams of the captured that were put to slavery or tortured publicly to force compliance upon the rest.

One of the outgrowths of WMD warfare is the development of biological weapons. Such warfare is directed toward alien and domestic enemies. Dr. Horowitz in his book "AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses" makes a convincing case for AIDS as a military developed WMD. Now of course it is seen as "too slow", but the propaganda use against the gay community by the powers that be has been immense. Included in this is the religious expression that AIDS is a punishment from God for the gay lifestyle. This served to delay research long enough for the disease to gain a foothold as gay people were blamed for the scourge that now sweeps humanity as the number one killer, supplanting tuberculosis that had been in the position for centuries. Gay people are still blamed for it by religious authorities who proclaim that "God will bombard the world with asteroids if we continue to accept the gay lifestyle as normal instead of the grave sin that it is". It is apparent that with this attitude, that a genocidal maniac like Pol Pot has more acceptance among the elite than two men who love one another or two women who likewise love one another instead of living in the confines of heterosexual wedlock. Pol Pot can die of old age from decrepitude and disease while someone like young Matthew Sheppard is swarmed by several bigots and bludgeoned to unconsciousness with a cudgel and left to die, figuratively crucified to a fence post in an abandoned field. The message here that shouts from the pulpits is that genocide is preferable to love between two people of the same sex. Although not spoken in such obvious terms, it is stated nonetheless by outcomes as described above.

Workers who make surplus value must reproduce themselves not only for each successive day of work, but the next generation of workers so that the surplus value keeps the wealthy and powerful in that condition. This is all defined under property relations and who by law is defined as the owner of the means of production. Anything that interferes with producing children within the confines of state and church sanction wedlock is frowned upon and even violently repressed. Estates, dowries and wealth is passed form generation to generation conditioned on the manufactured prison of wedlock. This is especially true among the elite who like to keep everything in their hands by arranging marriages among themselves to the point of inbreeding. This ceremony is pressured upon the masses themselves to follow suite from the example set by the elite, however the elite is defined whether by kingship or a head of a multinational corporation or a president. Homosexual pursuits are repressed. Even masturbation and coitus interuptus is frowned upon and justified by religious beliefs. Civilization and powers need children and lots of them to keep the powerful just as they are. The children must be kept as unwitting and ignorant slaves and consumers to keep the established order together. This is at the root of the judgment and condemnation of the gay and the lesbian.

Strict control of the population is always the order of the day, so that the position of the mighty is in no way threatened and this includes how people are educated and pressured by peers and parents to conform to “what is natural.” Nature is ignored for what is defined as natural. One of the ways of control is through ignorance and substitution of another way of knowing that serves as a control. Thus we are educated to see difference as abnormal and need of correction. Although there are "new" opinions in circulation that serve as counter arguments, the old ideas still persist.

One of the ways that gay people have been controlled is from within their own ranks or from proxy gays who direct the gay masses. The most recent gay rights surge occurred at Stonewall, New York in June of 1969 when transvestites ended up fighting the very repression the cops were imposing upon them. From there, the gay human rights movement exploded across North America and Europe and ultimately much of the rest of the world. The gay rights movement was founded on the idea of basic human rights for gay people such as the freedom of association, the right to basic things like shelter, work and the necessities of life that straight people take for granted and not special privileges as purported by opponents like the fundamentalist Christian right.

The authorities recognizing the same pattern that emerged with the women’s' rights and the black rights movements, also had a solution at hand. Just as the women’s' and black rights movements were subverted within, the same thing occurred with the gay rights movement. Various leaders were placed at the head of the movement to deflect its direction. With the black movement, attention was deflected from the likes of Malcolm X to Martin Luther King who cooled the temper of the masses into reforms. Timothy Leary placed himself as one of the leaders of the gay rights movement in an opportunistic way when formerly he viewed gay people as sick. Ultimately, the gay human rights movement was subverted into a gay bourgeois movement that was pro gay business and pro capitalism instead of basic human rights, while the working gay person still went without basic rights like the right to work in an environment free of prejudice and persecution, the right to housing, support services and so on. This came to a head during the cut back era of the 1990s when hard won support services for gay and lesbian people were removed. In British Columbia Canada, basic support for various gay services like a counseling line and financial support to persons with AIDS was eliminated or scaled back to almost nothing. The result was multifaceted. AIDS patients wound up dying on the street because they could not find employment as defined under the new requirements. Gay related suicides increased, many among teenagers still in school. Attacks on gay people escalated with horrific and tragic results. From the information available, the assault on gay people across North America has lead to a high number of causalities that can be compared to a battlefield.

The bourgeoisie have learned a trick to increase profits. The hallmark of such trickery is seen within the context of controlled substances. As the gay lifestyle has becomes somewhat like a controlled substance, the bourgeoisie can overcharge for gay related services. What would cost X number of dollars in the common, is often charged at $2X or $3X dollars for the same service directed specifically toward the gay population. The gay population has to endure inflated prices and gouging at the hand of profiteers. Thus we cannot remove the exploitation of the gay people out of the context of the capitalist profit motive. By making gays and lesbian illicit and a "controlled substance" a much higher price can be charged for otherwise identical services and products. This one factor is at the heart of most of the problems behind judging gays and lesbians. As the general population is also manipulated and controlled, in ignorance they go along with the entire program of judgment, persecution and sometimes pogrom.

There exists a double standard among the elite. What is unacceptable from the masses is alright among the cloistered circles of the wealthy and powerful. A double life is led, where some kind of public example is shown, while the real life is secreted away, occasionally to be exposed to the ruination of the exposed individual, regardless of their power and wealth. This is especially true among the religious elite, who by their rants, are especially charged with providing an example to the masses of acceptable behavior. When one of them is exposed as a homosexual, the axe comes down hard and their life often ends in extreme tragedy. But this does not stop the movement they once were in charge of. The movement appoints a new leader and the pogroms are maintained. What is done in secret by the rulers by way of acts that would condemn someone among the ruled is ultimately fine by them as long as it remains secret. What they do not tolerate is acts that detract from the agenda of the elite.

References/Suggested reading

Gay rights history

Martin Luther King

Malcolm X

Black history

Women's rights movement

Dr. Horowitz: AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses


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    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      8 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Nature is all about difference and diversity. We should grow up and express the unique spirits that God has given each of us and learn to be non-judgmental. To me you are not an outsider. This is a problem of alienation where we are all pitted one against all others. We have to overcome that.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      8 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To syzygyastro: Great, beautiful and fascinating hub. I believe that everyone is different and those differences should be embraced and celebrated, not derided. This is the 21st century and all of us are one.

      American society gives lip service to the idea of individuality; however, in reality, it stresses conformity. If a person does not conform for whatever reason, she/he is derided and made to feel like an outcast.

      I should know about this. I am a Black, plus sized introverted female only child who is left-handed. People who are so called outsiders are made to feel less than adequate if they do not wish to conform to the majority group think. Well, I refuse to conform and have gotten flack for it but I do not care. I am my own person and if people do not like it, too bad.

      People shall stand up for who they are. God made us innovators and unconventional people for a reason. We so called minorities and outsiders are often quite creative and ahead of our times. So pay no attention to the majority group think mentality of this society. People, march to your own drummers.

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      9 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Thank you for your comment. I've been involved in this struggle and others from the beginning.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      9 years ago from Northern, California

      Gotta tell ya, I love your work! And who can resist the feathered boas of Pride day? We are a beautiful people!

      Warmest Regards,



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