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Keeping A Stable Love Relationship

Updated on November 1, 2013

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Tips to Making Your Love Relationship Better

Are you having problems in your relationships all the time? Are you arguing with your sexual partner now and then? Well look no further; here are some of the best tips that have worked for me and so far my love relationship is sailing swiftly, with no tides and no storms


For a relationship to last, the virtue of honesty should be displayed by both spouses. It is both parties to trust one another and it is not sufficient if only one party exhibits the virtue for trust. Honest and trust encompass an element of privacy. How far are the two lovers willing to draw a boundary on privacy? Privacy entail emails, messages and letters too. A clear line needs be drawn so as to avoid suspicion and insecurity. If this is done in a proper manner then the boat will surely sail swiftly.

Spend time with each other

The concept of being in a love relationship dictates that the two must spend time together. If the couples do not spend time together then the notion of being in a relationship will be imaginary and misconstrued. In order to make your love life more splendid you spend more time together, and it is only by doing this that a person knows the kind of person that he or she is in a relationship with.

Know your partner

To understand one’s partner is one way in which one can better a relationship. By undertaking this task one is able to know what the partner likes, dislikes, the hobbies, and many other traits. As a result a person will understand the good and bad side of his or her partner. This shall enable one to know what to do and what not to do, it may also enable a person to confront the partner about habits that are undesirable and might ruin the relation


This is a very rare virtue to find in people. Nevertheless, a person in love should always try to compromise and be reasonable. There are situations where both partners may want certain activities to be done their way and not according to the manner the other spouse suggests. In such a situation, you have to weigh the circumstances before jumping to a conclusion. If for example it in deciding on a destination for a holiday, one may consider the number of times he or she made decisions on previous holiday destinations. If he or she has made more decisions, it is best to leave to the other party to make the choice. By exhibiting this quality the other partner will feel a sense of being in a relationship where he or she gets to have a say.

Go out together to watch movies, nature walks and picnics

These are some of the most important activities to do while in a sexual relationship. It encourages the partners to strengthen their bond and increase the fondness towards one another. It is one way of spending quality time together too. It is through spending such a good time together and having fun that your partner will start missing you afterwards. How else will someone miss you? Try this out and I promise you will not regret.

Foregoing and sacrifice

Sometimes sacrificing is important for a healthy relationship. It is through sacrifice that one really shows how they care for the other partner. It illustrates the love one has to the extent that they are willing to forego one thing that is important in their life so as to be with the one they truly love. Have you ever sacrificed for the sake of your lover?

Sexual satisfaction

Sex is very important, and I repeat important, as far as relationships are concerned. It is not only about the sex, but also satisfaction should be achieved. Trust me on this; many men and women cheat in relationships due to the fact that they are not satisfied. There is no other option but for the partners to up their sex game.

Appreciate your lover

Making your partner feel important is a good sign of a healthy relationship. Appreciation can manifest in many ways like telling a partner that they look beautiful and commenting on the hair of your girlfriend clothing.

Buy gift, flowers, shoes, dress and presents

Are you a gentleman and you would like your girlfriend to like you more? Here is the secret, buy and send her gifts, flowers and other presents. It works wonders for me; even her girlfriend’s will know your name. Men too should be bought presents such as a watch.

There are also other tips on having a healthy relationship that last long. Some of which include; calling a partner or sending text messages to know how they are doing and being there always to provide a leaning shoulder in bad times.

If you are in a relationship and you fully adhere to these guidelines then you are guaranteed a long lasting and healthy relationship.


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